The only reason I am with him

The only reason I am with him

The only reason I am with him is to see if you care enough

to fight for me….

23 Comments on “The only reason I am with him

  1.  by  Stacey

    That’s not fair to anyone. Not only are you hurting your current significant other by pretending to have more feelings for him than you really do, you are also hurting the man you want to win you back by rubbing it in his face that you’re with someone else. Most importantly, you’re hurting yourself. Doing this will not make him fight for you, it wil make him think you’re better off without him and it will leave you miserable. You all deserve better.

  2.  by  Kristy

    Yep that doesn’t make you a very good person.

  3.  by  terluka

    berapa lama u kenal ex u?and..u yakin dia dpt bahagia kn u berdasarkan apa yg u pernah lalui bersama suatu ketika dlu?pd pandangan i,kalau u dan hati u benar2 yakin..just go on je

  4.  by  Lindsey

    He doesn’t care enough. That’s why you’re not with him. The same thing has happened to me. It’s still happening to me. I’ve gone through 3 boyfriends after him, always thinking this same thing.

  5.  by  Courtney R MCO220

    You cant test a persons love for you. His or her love is either real and present or its not. The fact that you have to experiment with another man just to see a reaction hopefully in your favor is sick.

  6.  by  Karl

    You’re playing a game where no one can win. A girl did this to me once and later told me after it was too late and I had met my now wife of 3 years. I was ready to marry her, but she had to play a game. Most men won’t play this game. If you want to be with me, be with me. If you don’t, seek what you desire elsewhere. Sure, I hated the dude she picked, but I figured if she’s happy, she’s happy. Obviously I didn’t do it for her. It sucked. It hurt. But I moved on. And happily, I eventually met the person I would’ve never realized if I had stayed with her. She wanted to come back, but by the time she realized her mistake, I was in love with a much better person, who treats me like I treat her. No offense, but fuck your games, I hope your dude is as lucky as I was. And most of all, fuck you Colleen.

  7.  by  Ine

    If he realy care about you he will leave you alone. So if he is realy a respecfull man you just punished him for beeing just that. When we say :”no means no” this is one of the things we are talking about. The kind of values that you are showing us is a threath to woman kind. It makes us all feel bad and look bad. I hope for you that once, when you look in to his loving eyes, you see your reflektion for the real you are and use that as a motivation to change.

  8.  by  Brandon

    I still love you Katrina, I always have. I think you’re confused, I hope you come back before we marry the wrong people.

  9.  by  Sofia

    The reason why I’m still with him is because I know that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.????

  10.  by  rob818bor

    Youre a coward too. Why cant you just tell him/her?

    You act like youre some prize but youre a flawed person who needs someone just like that person you want to be saved by.

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  18.  by  Jodocus Hondius

    Interesting to think about masculinity in regards to this. She partly just wants drama, but also the excitement and surety of knowing her real love is assertive and strong, somehow. It’s like the movies! Actually if he did ‘fight for her’ despite her seeming happiness, he’d kinda have dangerous mental health problems. Still, all this appeals though.

  19.  by  Sam

    I call BS on this. The fact you are hooking up with another guy is enough for him to view your love for him (your bf or your ex) or interest in him as over. You say he is not fighting for you, but neither are you for him, in fact you are doing the total opposite, and sleeping with others. That is a very clear sign for a lot of guy’s that its over or your desires lie elsewhere. A guy with options wont put up with this sort of game playing, he will move on.

  20.  by  TichenorH

    If you have to make him jealous to keep his attention, was his attention ever really with you??

  21.  by  Betty

    The only reason you should be with him is if you genuinely want to commit to him, not because of someone else, really not benefiting anyone but instead hurting the two men and yourself. some people tend to want to drag other people in their drama, your reasoning sounds like you have low self esteem and I think that is the only reason you would do such thing.

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