When I’m alone and I start thinking of you,

When I'm alone and I start thinking of you,

When I’m alone and I start thinking of you, I blast their music just to drown out all thoughts of you.

16 Comments on “When I’m alone and I start thinking of you,

  1.  by  thingswillbealright.

    Love them. Great band. Check out Saosin and Escape The Fate. They’re good for drowning thoughts out. As is Alesana. Hope things get better mate.

  2.  by  Silent_speaker

    Great band… There are times I feel like that, but also some music makes me think of other people I don’t want to think of.

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  4.  by  nick e

    i love that bandd! and its kinda the opposite with me … when i listen to music i think or sertian people

  5.  by  J

    They’re an amazing band. Listen to La Dispute, Emarosa, Texas In July and Alesana. I think those bands would help a lot. Bring me the horizon really helps me most though along with being as an ocean, the amity affliction. Goddamn it, too many great bands to list. Hope it all gets better, Be at Peace Not In Pieces

  6.  by  Zetd

    I do the same thing, blast the music till I can’t think of no one but her.

  7.  by  Andrew

    Wow that brings me back When i was there i read the bible but i had to scream it out loud for i would not hear the sounds of my ex wife having the affairs, But i realize now we are fighters LOVE YOU ALL hang in there

  8.  by  Stacey

    Listening to music can be a very healthy outlet, but it can also drive you insane. It’s hard to escape your thoughts while in silence, since its all you hear, but sometimes the music makes those thoughts louder. As long as you find the right kind of music to help you, then I think that’s okay!

  9.  by  Rvar

    “When broken is easily fixed” helped me stay sane during the worst time in my life

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