I’m glad we’re no longer friends.

I'm glad we're no longer friends.

I’m glad we’re no longer friends.
The only thing we did that I enjoyed was binge drinking.


30 Comments on “I’m glad we’re no longer friends.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Good for you!!! It sounds as if you are on a road of self discovery, letting yourself like yourself, and headed toward better places! Yay, you!!! 🙂

  2.  by  emily

    I am no longer friends with my best friend and it seems to be working for us both

  3.  by  GiGi

    Me answers my best friend stopped being friends today! Couldn’t be more thrilled.

  4.  by  Kat

    I stopped being friends with my “best friend” over a year ago. When her mom died, I couldn’t bring myself to call her. I just didn’t have anything left to give. She had exhausted me.

  5.  by  Sushka

    My best friend decided our friendship for 28 years was worth the $4000.00 she desperately needed, but refused to pay back.

  6.  by  PAULA

    I can’t help but wonder if you wrote this about me, if you did I know that I agree. I was exhausted by the attempts at making our friendship matter

  7.  by  Sweet south

    I probably should have told you that I was exhausted being your friend, but when you got mad at me the first time I did not run to your aide, I accepted that as my way out. That’s why I never reached out.

  8.  by  Sillyme

    My bestfruend and i havent spoken in 3 years. It feels amazing to be free from her comments and exhausting requests i couldnt commit to.

  9.  by  mzkt

    My close friend has wanted to distance herself for some time..When I put the pieces together, I realize she is depressed and negative..Although I’ve tried to make our friendship work, she doesn’t seem to have the energy to put anything into it. I feel that I’m the one who always gets us back together for a quick lunch or chat, but when she didn’t acknowledge me on my 50th birthday with a quick email or card, I knew she wasn’t interested. I haven’t contacted her in any way and I haven’t heard from her at all…..was it all one sided all these years? Now I feel dumb.

  10.  by  ayye02

    I feel this and when we stopped drinking I felt like our friendship was over we had nothing in common and I had nothing to blame for her ignorant babble and temper tantrums…

  11.  by  Stephanie

    Because I didn’t binge drink anymore my best friend quit being my friend. It was the best thing for me. I’m a mom now and my best friend is still a loser.

  12.  by  RC

    I’m sorry I drank so much, It wasn’t because I didn’t value your friendship I just felt the need to escape when I should have been taking responsibility. Thankyou for sticking with me for so long and thankyou for ending our friendship. It was the wake up call I needed.

  13.  by  robin

    My so-called best friend started giving me the silent treatment years and years ago. A one sided grudge, I have no idea what it about about even after asking. I haven’t missed her one bit, but my daughter has (her godchild), and for that I’ll NEVER forgive her, or want to rekindle the friendship. Thanks for listening!

  14.  by  DisplayName

    I experience a lot of social anxiety two years after giving up on an ENTIRE clique of people who were toxic to me. It all ended in an epic battle of gossip and name calling.
    I worry about running into them at concerts and parties and being verbally assaulted again. I am still angry. I’m still working on forgiving on my own. I have much fewer friends now and miss the feeling of belonging I once believed I had.
    I’ve seen a few of them, some have apologized, most seem to be happy see me and are overly impressed by how well I’m doing.
    I’m doing exactly what I said I wanted to be doing and have implemented almost all of the changes I wanted to make. I feel much more confident. I rarely receive criticism and don’t get sucked into gossip and dangerous drama anymore.

  15.  by  Matt B

    My two “best friends” of 14 years turned their backs on me as soon as they saw the track marks: which I can mostly understand, however, it was just a stupid phase.. They were doing as many pills as I was, I just needed someone to tell me that they cared and i had a problem I needed to address. 4-5 years later, i’m clean, and all I can think of when I am reminded of them is: “They are cowards. I don’t want cowards for friends.” I wish to God that one of them would have punched me in the face and told me I was playing with fire, at least that is what I expected out of friends that “would take a bullet for me”. I guess they thought that was just something you said and didn’t mean… Instead I went through all of it alone, now i’m clean and happy, and I couldn’t give two fucks where those cowards are, they left me to die. Amazing how life teaches you about what is important..

  16.  by  Adam

    My best friend of 30 years hasn’t contacted me for 7 years. I always did the calling but I just didn’t feel like it any more. I feel he ripped me off, and gave up our friendship over a few thousand dollars. Now he is trying to contact me because he wants me to pay a bill to the tax department over an old company we had together and I have been ignoring his calls.

  17.  by  Steven

    I had to dump my circle of “friends” when I discovered that the only reason they liked me is because having a gay friend made them feel hip and cool.
    So basically I was the token fag. When I really needed help one time, they were too busy to care. I do not miss them.

  18.  by  Cinders

    I’m the friend people call when they need a shoulder to cry on, they need a ride to a hospital appointment, they need a play date for their kids. I’m not the one they call for a coffee with the girls or to join them Friday night at the club. I’ve been told by many people I’m beautiful, smart, kind and helpful. If that’s true, why don’t I have any real friends? I hate it.

  19.  by  Nancy

    When my father died and my best friend of over 30 yrs said she could not come to his funeral because she could not leave her dog alone for a few hours, I knew the friendship was over. That was 3 yrs ago, I have not contacted her and she has not contacted me. Still, it hurts that someone I knew for so long values me so little.

  20.  by  Maddie

    My best friend chose an abusive boyfriend and booting heroine over me. I tried to help her and be there for her, but over time I realized what she had become. I couldn’t try to help her anymore. I left her , the last thing I said was that she was a useless junkie. I think about her everyday and wonder if she is okay. I wish I could just forget her all together.

  21.  by  Gelli

    My only close friend moved away three years ago, and I told him I was devastated, and in a way I was. I do miss him, but I’m hopelessly agoraphobic, and now I’m terrified that he’s planning to come home this year because he ran out of money. I kept telling him I wished he’d come home, but now that he plans to, I’m trying to think of a way to disappear myself so he can’t contact me and I won’t have to make up excuse after excuse not to see him. I don’t want to hurt him or drag him into my downward spiral, but I don’t know how to get away from this without being honest with him and probably losing the only friend I have left.

  22.  by  Ione

    I definitely could use more sleep at night. I go to bed at a dencet hour but wake at 3:00 almost every night. Then by five or six I’m ready to go back to sleep .which I don’t do.This post brought back all the sleepless nights with my babies. It’s so rough to be a new mom running on little or no sleep. That’s the one thing I wish could be different, they’re only little for such a short time and during that time it’s hard to enjoy it because we’re so exhausted. xo, Jess

  23.  by  Anonymous


  24.  by  Anonymous

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  25.  by  Maria

    Friends are meant to uplift you and encourage you. Do not regret leaving these shallow and self absorbed people. It is better to have a few worthwhile friends than an army of fly by night friends.

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