I’m attracted to guys in the Military.

I'm attracted to guys in the Military.

I’m attracted to guys in the Military.

I got one chance and I almost missed it.

Glad I didn’t and now I wanna be with you forever.

18 Comments on “I’m attracted to guys in the Military.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Yay!! Good for you!! Good luck and all the best to you!

  2.  by  dwfwefwe

    Its not exactly what it adds up to be, a lot of hard hard times. Make sure you’re in love with the person, and not just with the idea he’s in the military. Im in a relationship with an Airman(air force), love him like no other, but I have never been through anything so difficult in my life. I wish you the best though:) times are tough but well worth it! xoxo

  3.  by  MissPiggyJr

    Abuse is 25% higher for military wives and girlfriends. Good luck.

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  5.  by  Leslie

    I have been with special fiorces men..broken..past haunts them. I used to feel i could save them. First husband post nam navy seal..he died of an overdose after the divorce. A surgeon from Nam..last and most hurtful relationship ex force con Marine..so many issues..P.T.S.D love him so he is gone..no one knows where he is.
    That was my ex..i still date men who have been in Military..it just happens..Be careful..best of lucj..i love all Mitary and my Country. Not the headache

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  12.  by  Leslie

    What is your problem? Why the ???? Just cut it out! I should have not posted anything..if someone has something to share. Then share it.

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