I wish my dad would realize that my mom’s a bitch.

I wish my dad would realize that my mom's a bitch.

I wish my dad would realize that my mom’s a bitch.

36 Comments on “I wish my dad would realize that my mom’s a bitch.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    He may very well realize it. He may be afraid to let himself admit it because then he may have to do something about it. And, because he is afraid to move, your mom hates that (and him) and that may be WHY your mom’s a bitch.

  2.  by  Ron

    My parents divorced 10 years ago. Both have since remarried. My Dad still hasn’t realized this about MY Mom.

  3.  by  Ames

    Before you label your mom as a Bitch, stop and wonder why. Has your dad cheated on her? Made her bitter and resentful? You, as a child, have no idea what has gone on in their relationship. You have no right to judge what other people are going through despite how things may look on the outside.

  4.  by  bc

    some day you wont have a Mom, then those word you will regret. Trust me, I lost my Mom over 25 years ago. I wish I could hug my mom and tell her how much I love her. I sure do miss my Mom.

  5.  by  name

    I agree with BC #. You will regret these words one day. Love your mom.

  6.  by  Rasp

    To those of you who have had loving parents, that’s awesome. For those of us who have had nothing but awful memories of their childhood & being told as a CHILD that I’m a bitch and not the daughter they hoped for – its a different story. Everyone is different. Her mom may well be a bitch and she may have good reason for saying that. Don’t assume their story is the same as yours.

  7.  by  name #

    very good point. i apologize for making assumptions. sorry to hear that.

  8.  by  chris f

    I know mom is a B. I also know I could never leave them with her. My job is to protect them as best I can,and leaving would not allow me to do that.

  9.  by  Lh

    Slowly but surely forgive her. Not for her sake, but yours. It seems you still harbor a lot of anger for her & that only will consume you..this is from someone who spent a good portion of their childhood crying every night over things my stepdad would say..we’re good now but we spent years under the same roof hardly talking. Everyone has a story & I know yours is different from mine, but I know how exhausting it is to be so angry. Feel sorry for her. God bless

  10.  by  broken heart

    My mom is a sociopath (no joke here), and my dad still is with her because he is just so smitten with her. It’s insane. I wish she would cheat on him so he would leave her. My dad deserves to be with a better woman, a woman who really IS sorry when she makes a mistake that messes up their financial accounts and other stuff.

  11.  by  GirlFriday

    My dad left my mother after 32 of year of marriage because she is such a bitch. Everyone in our small town thought my dad was a horrible person for leaving my mother after so long together. I thought that it took strength for him to walk away and finally find a way to be happy.

  12.  by  Irene Hollimon

    He knows. Some men like bitches. There’s no accounting for taste.

  13.  by  mickb

    He knows but family can mean everything to a person, even if the other person in the family is a bitch.

  14.  by  Tom Leykis

    You people are vapid, vacuous, stupid, irrational and histrionic. Just because she’s a mom doesn’t make her a good person. I guarantee if he says she’s a bitch, she is. Animals have been squirting out offspring from millions of years. It’s nothing special. Please STFU.

  15.  by  Jen

    I’m a new mother. I’m bipolar. I worry every day that this is what my kids will think of me.

  16.  by  Diane

    Yep, me too but he is starting to get as bad as her now. It is hell here. My husband and I moved in here to take care of them and we could never get out of here. I will never regret saying she is a bitch and he trails right behind her

  17.  by  Pat

    Maybe your Dad is the reason your Mom is a bitch? After years 21 years of dealing with my husband it turned me into a bitch, but only to him because he deserves it.

  18.  by  James

    Hey, Pat. Although familiarity does indeed breed contempt, it’s more than likely also true that it’s not just your husband that you’re a bitch to. If he’s that deserving of a bitch, please be mature enough to leave your relationship for the good of you both. If you are staying put just for spite, then you truly are a bitch. My sympathies go out to all of those who are reluctantly in your life.

  19.  by  Laura H

    I don’t care if I sound irrational, offensive, or rude. I cannot wait until my mom dies. I just want her to keel over and croak. No bullshit. She’s (trying to) made my life a living hell. For what she has done/said to me, she deserves to die. I will NOT be at her funeral, either.

  20.  by  Bobby

    We cannot deny that there are hurtful people in the world, people who seem to go out of their way to bring us down, but the truth is… we are not responsible for the behavior of those people. The only thing we are responsible for is how WE respond to such behavior. When we allow the behavior of others to affect our responses we are essentially allowing ourselves to be controlled and manipulated by those others. Our own inner nature, the character of who we are as individuals is molded by the very people who are inflicting the pain and suffering. Always, always check yourself. Stay true to yourself. KNOW who you are and where you stand on the important things in life and never waver from it as a response to bad behavior directed at you. The opinions and behaviors of others carry only the weight that you assign to them.

  21.  by  HollyhockSmith

    Maybe she is depressed or bipolar or borderline or something.
    Maybe he loves her better self.
    Or he knows and he wants to divorce, but it’s impossible for financial reasons.
    Maybe he has other interests.
    Certainly it’s a personal and private matter and not for you to judge.

  22.  by  R

    I feel the same way too. When I was a kid, my mum used to drink in the pub all day and spend my Dad’s cash. She was an alcoholic. She never paid bills. She used to make my brother and I hide when the bailiffs came.
    We were nearly evicted and my Dad was bankrupted because of her. She used to lie all the time about how she’d paid them etc. When I was in my teens, I used to have to go home from school at lunch to pay bills for my Dad because he was at work- he would give me the money because he couldn’t trust her with it. He never divorced her despite all the lies she told.
    I am now 30 and live with my fiance. I thought my mum had turned a corner and I had been getting her to run errands for me and do cleaning as we both work a lot. Today she has stolen from me. It was only £10 but it was the lie not the amount that has hurt me. I sat in my house alone and cried this evening- I cried for all the times she said she would change and all the times she let us down. I have come to the conclusion that she will never change and can’t put anyone above herself. I don’t know what to do now.

  23.  by  Kevin

    Speaking as the Dad, I already know….

    -but being part of a family means so much to me I’m willing to take the abuse to keep it
    -but I turned around and found she had sank us into $70,000 worth of debt with nothing to show for it (not including the house and the car) and with my job and skillset, I’d have to live in a dumpster.
    -but with 12 years of hard work and patience she’s become a better person than she was then, and the future looks better
    -but you will be bitter too if one of your children trades a Rhodes scholarship to become a baby factory for an unemployed redneck and the other hooks up with scumbags and eventually has to have an intervention, rehab, etc…..and the hard earned money meant to make us a better life and a secure retirement starts walking out the door. see point two
    -but…..you get my point. Perhaps you need to find out what’s behind it before you judge.

  24.  by  Daughter

    So sad, and I’m so sorry. I have felt this for 8 years, ever since my (Bible banging) mother began having her affair and told me more than a daughter should EVER know about her father, whom she adores. I just think my Dad is afraid of growing old alone. I wish he knew I would do absolutely anything for him.

  25.  by  Courtney R MCO220

    He married your mother for a reason and hopefully that is love. Though your mother may not be the best its truly his decision to make a point to change his relationship with her. Hopefully things get better from here.

  26.  by  amanda

    haha good one. i wonder if they do know but choose to ignore it??? for sake of an easy life etc.

  27.  by  Danielle

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  28.  by  Em

    My mom was a bitch, and just so mean to my dad. He left her, and married someone who’s just as bitchy and mean to him. It makes me really sad.

  29.  by  VC

    My mother is a verbally and emotionally abusive bitch! My dad needs to divorce her, but he’s too beat down to stand up for himself.

  30.  by  JB

    Maybe you can tell your Dad that you know her behavior is not good.
    No, Don’t ask your dad why she is behaving like that, just tell him you know she is being weird and together try to sort out a way to change your Mom’s behavior but the questions is How to change the behavior? ……..LOVE, tell your Dad to love her more and more. this will definitely sound weird but yes Love is the only answer.

    And believe me you are gonna regret calling your mom a bitch……Maybe she’s a bitch for your dad but she will never be bitch for you after all you are her child.

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