I weigh 341 pounds.

I weigh 341 pounds.

I weigh 341 pounds. But I tell people I weight 250 so that they don’t judge me as much.

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  1.  by  nope

    I doubt people believe you when you say you weight about 100lbs less than you do. Not to be mean but an extra 100lbs is obvious- no matter what number you tell people.

  2.  by  Jerk

    @nope #, don’t be a tool. Telling someone your weight is uncomfortable no matter what size you are. Don’t be so judgmental.

  3.  by  nope

    I’m not judging in any way and not even remotely being judgmental as I could care less about what people weigh. I’m pointing out that this persons lie is probably obvious so there is no point to lying. You are what you are. Telling people I am 5’7″ wont change the fact that I am 5’4″ and everyone can see that. That is not being judgmental and if you feel that it is, may I refer you to a dictionary.

  4.  by  Christie

    I don’t know what has happened to lead you to believe the misconception that you will be judged for what you weigh, but I am sorry. Please, be proud of who you are, and do not sucumb to the unrealistic idealiasations of what our bodies “should” look like.

    And if this issue is more serious then I can perceive, please find help.

    Regardless of the situation, be brave. You are not alone, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing.

  5.  by  Susa

    Dang, why are you telling ANYONE how much you weigh?!? Except your doctor? I’m (fairly close to) normal weight and I don’t tell people! It’s not anyone elses’ business! But if you’re not healthy or comfortable, get help for the weight. That’s most important.

  6.  by  Candice

    I don’t know how tall you are or how your body is shaped but I think if you’re at a uncomfortable or unhealthy weight-NEVER GIVE UP! Change yourself to become the person you’ve always wanted to be because it is never too late. You could even start right now:) I also have started to eat healthy to lose weight and its very trying. Disregard how people look at you or use as fuel so when your at your goal weight they can suck ass!

  7.  by  XOXO

    How about don’t tell people your weight. It’s not anyone’s business anyway.

  8.  by  under!

    i find it strange how some people are so negitive about genine problems people have and how they feel about these problems. i used to be skinny not overly skinny but noraml i guess, then i got a boyfriend and weight was not so much of a issue. he still loves me how i am, and suprisingly i likel how i look and i have streach marks and everything. he is the one makes me feel good and to be honest im finally happy with how i look

  9.  by  Solace

    You have it backwards anyway. Tell people you are 400+ lbs and they will think you look amazing for such a heavy person! 🙂

  10.  by  broken heart

    No, a number on a scale is nothing to be ashamed of. However, there is ALWAYS SOMETHING of which to be ashamed. Particularly the reasons for which people are heavy, in many cases. I talked to a guy who had been in the army, who claimed to have “just picked a number” for his weight on his driver’s license. He also claimed to have 6″ in length in his favorite body part. Both were lies. If he had nothing to be ashamed of, he could have told me the truth, but he likes to spend every weekend in his recliner without moving (by his own admission). THAT is what he SHOULD have been ashamed of. That, and the fact that he assaulted me repeatedly when he drove out to visit me one night. What an f-ing pig! And he is, indeed, a sociopath. The guy goes to the emergency room when he has a cold. I hope when he has a heart attack, that someone else who has a teeny discomfort makes him wait an extra eight hours in the ER lobby. What an absolute douche-bag!

  11.  by  sunbeems2000

    Don’t worry about the number. I weighed 350. I started watching just my salt intake and ate less then 2000mg a day. A year later I weigh 232. I have 40 more pounds to go to reach my goal. Don’t worry about others. Do it for u…no one else.

  12.  by  mike the pest

    your a fat pig..maybe if you kept your mouth shut…youd eat less .

  13.  by  :)

    @mike the pest
    Maybe if you knew the difference in”your” and”you’re” you wouldn’t have looked like such an idiot.

  14.  by  Christine

    I’m 230 and I tell people that I weigh 230. Jaws drop every time and they normally guess me to be around 175. Win!

  15.  by  Nikki

    I had surgery to lose weight. Please do not let people get to you. This country is thin-oriented and fat shaming is still acceptable, but do not let ANYONE steal your smile.

  16.  by  thatonegirl

    @nope# “I doubt people believe you when you say you weight about 100lbs less than you do. Not to be mean but an extra 100lbs is obvious- no matter what number you tell people.”

    That’s not always true. When I complain about my weight, they inevitably tell me “Oh, ### lbs isn’t that bad for your height and your build!” But what I don’t tell them is, they are guessing ~80 lighter than I actually am.

  17.  by  Zodiarkk

    341 is almost 200 lbs over what you should weigh to be healthy. Stop thinking about what people think and think about your life. Do you like being alive? if so then you really should lose wieght. I really am not trying to be mean just genuine concern.

  18.  by  The Good Girl

    You may be overweight but no one is better than you. If the beautiful people ran the world we’d all be in trouble. Take steps to lose the weight for yourself and forget the people who are too stupid to see beyond physical appearance.

  19.  by  ladyluv

    @nope# that is not at all true i am nearly 400 pounds and dont look like it….people carry their weight different stop being a jerk

  20.  by  SarahTX99

    @Zodiarkk I’m sure the OP appreciates your “genuine concern,” but telling them they are 200lbs overweight is RIDICULOUS. You don’t know how tall they are. What if they are 6’2? You think that person should weigh 140bs? You should use your brain before you make a comment like that.

  21.  by  HereAndThere

    I’m skinny. I have no female friends. When I did, they were nasty to me. Once I was sick and on antibiotics and became slightly chubby for about a month. They started calling me “blimp”. A friend took me out separately for birthday lunch because she did not want to invite me to her party at night because her bf kept asking about me. I got her the job where she met him. No, you won’t have more friends if you’re skinny. You’ll have less.

  22.  by  Mom of Doxie

    People think we are overweight because we eat too much; this is not always true. And I hate it when a Doctor uses the word “obese”. Please just say I’m too fat.

  23.  by  majamania

    I lost my beautiful 32 year old daughter 8 months ago. She had a rare endocrine cancer that took her in 3 months. She was so beautiful and full of life and plans. I miss her so much. She weighed 323 when she went in to the hosp. and 248 when she died. Sometimes I wonder if the weight had something to so with it, but weight has nothing to do with love.

  24.  by  Just Believe

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you are only as beautiful as you feel. Reflections lie. Don’t let your weight get you down and out because sometimes the people we SEE are so beautiful are ugly on the inside and that is what really matters. The ones that judge are usually the ones that have self issues and want to bring others down to feel better about themselves. I may not be beautiful to others but I know on the inside I am gorgeous because I have love in my heart. You need to look past any scale or any mirror because that is not who you are. What makes YOU is how you love,care, feel, listen, and believe. Keep positive and remember…YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  25.  by  K.

    I’ve been heavy my whole life, just like my father. Now I see how screwed up he is in his late 70’s and it really scares the ever lovin crap out of me… I have ZERO willpower.. So I’m just gonna bite the bullet and do the Gastric Bypass Surgery.. I don’t eat unhealthy just too much of it. I know I don’t want to be a crippled up breathless old man like that.

  26.  by  sprinkleshouse

    That’s okay. When I was 250 I used to tell people I weighed 185 for the same reason. It also gave me a goal to shoot for. Now that I’m 170 I tell people it’s none of their business:) You are beautiful from the inside out not the outside in!!

  27.  by  Deborah

    … Most of this thread of comments is distressing, disheartening, & disturbing. Other parts are infuriating.

    That one singular characteristic carries so much weight ( no pun intended ) in determining intrinsic worth of a human being seems beyond callous & insane. That someone feels the need to be less than forthcoming, to feel enough shame to outright lie about something personal like this either shows maladjustment or will assist in creating some !

    I am completely » not « judging. Most of my life, I have struggled with significant weight issues & have firsthand experience with the cruel & at times, abusive, treatment of people considered “less than” simply because they weigh “more than.”

    Please avoid revealing numbers … Your weight, measurements, sizes … To anyone other than anyone on a “need to know” basis. That is a short list. You, your caregivers, anyone doing fittings for clothing. The rest fall under the NUNYA Clause … If anyone asks an inappropriate personal question, instead of answering the questioning, remember it is under “NUNYA = none ya beeswax” … And ask the rude interrogator “Why do you want to know ?”

    Peace to you … Namaste …

  28.  by  Supportive

    Hey, a lot of people on here are damn assholes. Don’t listen to them, listen to the supportive people. And don’t be ashamed of your weight. I weigh 215lbs and I’m ashamed because I’m rather short and I think that I look heavy. However I try to tell myself
    1. That it can get better, even when it seems absolutely hopeless and depressing.
    2. If I want to then I will try to do something to help myself even if it’s really just a little thing (like saying no to myself when I want to eat two chocolate bars instead of one, which happens all the time!)
    3. Damn the lot of the them that judge people for their weight. They don’t know you, your life, or your medical history, so they can bugger off! Besides, they don’t deserve to know you if they’re judging you for your weight!
    4. I try and tell myself “I AM beautiful, I AM attractive, and even better- I am a great person. I am.” Even if I don’t believe it, because it is true. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

    And lastly, but not least I hope that it gets easier for you, and I hope that whatever you do in the future that you’re happy!

  29.  by  MamaC

    So…I have lotsa experience all over this spectrum. My sister has fought weight her entire life – bad relationships with food resulting from a bad relationship with our father. It began as a medical issue, but was perpetuated thru a series of poor choices. I grew up as a dedicated athlete, and have never used food for anything but fuel. As for the comment by “nope#”, I always weighed WAY MORE than I looked. I was 140 pounds of solid muscle by 8th grade, and looked about 30lbs lighter. Fast-forward to my 5th year of college, when I got very sick. After over two years of medications, procedures & tests, my body didn’t know what to do with itself – and my weight fluctuated terribly. By the time my condition was considered “stable”, I was over 300 pounds. Then came a surprise pregnancy – and it nearly killed me. By the time my son was 1, I was over 400 pounds. He’s three now, and my drs & I have been able to map out what my body has been doing weight-wise. Now I’m being passed around from specialist to specialist who have never seen anything like this – I can lose 20+ pounds in a week only to gain at least half of it back – at LEAST – when I have not changed anything. The one thing we know for certain is that it’s neurological & endocrinological. I have no idea how this will end, but I know that the only reason I’m “morbidly obese” is because my body can’t regulate itself.

  30.  by  Lose Some Weight Here

    WOW thats a lot but I suppose as long as you are not to short this is going to be much of a problem, but I would try and change your diet, try living on fruits and veg. This isn’t easy and drink water all day everyday OK you will have to go to the toilet much more often but hey. Don’t eat food from the shop aprt from tinned veg, eveything else contains so much sugar you couldn’t even imagin, when hungry eat a banana, buy apples make veg soups, eat fruits and veg that you never eat, give your body something that it has never been getting. BREAD, SUGAR TEA, COFFE all no nos, try to not eat anything past 7 – 8pm and drink lots of water. Amy

  31.  by  erika

    your weight is nobody else’s business nor should it be their concern. i’ve still never told my husband my weight and he’s still never even asked because it doesn’t matter.

  32.  by  Erna

    Oh so familiar…. I was (and still am) so offended when people dare to ask me that and anyone else.
    But I had a different reaction. Whenever some one one asks me this question, my answere is: I weigh a hundred pounds. For sure. Anything more I consider a private matter… Shuts them up in a second, shows I am assertive, and I don’t lie….

  33.  by  darren

    who gives a care what others think be tru to yourself thats all that matters. Let everyone else like, love you for you not for what they want you to be.

  34.  by  jane

    God loves exactly how you are. He makes each of us in His image, therefore you are a masterpiece. I feel like my life is a mistake sometimes and then i remember who made me. HE NEVER MAKES MISTAKES.

  35.  by  FatVegan

    I totally feel everyone on the weight issues (well the people, kind, open hearted ones, not the nasty mean judgementsl ones).

    I weight exactly what the OP does. Yep, just found out the other day. I was so surprised. Everyone has been asking me if I LOST weight.

    I’m 5’9″ and wear a 14/16. I have an hourglass figure, a BIG hourglass!

    I KNOW I’m beautiful and sexy, I’m told so all the time by strangers, lovers and myself. They all seem to think I weigh 200 or so. I wish! That’s a goal weight at this point!

    Why do I want to lose weight? To avoid health problems down the line, to fit in an airplane seat better, more comfortably and to feel better about myself, to be more at ease in my body.

    $&@! Anyone who tears you down. Listen to the ones who love you, and LOBE yourself!

  36.  by  Seth

    Ever noticed when trying to learn how to ride a bike that focusing on the mailbox you don’t want to hit leads you I to it.

    How you look at your own weight will lead how others look at it. I am 6’8″ and 360 lbs. people regularly say I am HUGE for lots of reasons. Honestly I direct them to why I live my life the way I do. The comments follow my lead.

    Once I changed my response to seem insecure and people were more critical. So the power to set the tone of the convo is within you!

    @erna Spot On!

  37.  by  Cms

    Don’t let my judgmental people upset you. It’s your life, not theirs.

  38.  by  John

    I way more than you. Don’t spend your life staring at a scale. That is a bigger mistake than gaining weight.

  39.  by  Stanky

    Put down the cheeseburgers. Yes, BOTH of them.

  40.  by  Raquel

    Don’t allow a number to define who you are. If you’re not satisfied with how much you weigh, work on it. Take small steps and change your old habits. I weight 253. I use to weigh 165 before I got married, over the years food became my friend and it took over. I’ve lied before about my weight and felt silly for doing so. Love you no matter what size you are and if you feel you can’t change your behavior concerning food.

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