I am in love with..

I am in love with..

I am in love with my boyfriend’s cousin.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    As I tread the paths of life, I keep hearing the lyrics of a song in my head: “We may never pass this way again…” I try to remember that as I make decisions. I hope you might consider telling the cousin how you feel and see if you can forge a relationship. You should be with your love. If things work with the cousin, yes, it will cause pain and strife, but that is already present inside you, as your heart gets torn up denying this secret.

  2.  by  I_m_not_concentrating

    @Tom McG
    “So kiss me with your mouth open, turn the tires toward the street, and stay sweet”?
    Please let you be a Mountain Goats fan xD
    (If not I’m silly xD)

  3.  by  simple human

    I’m in love with Katie Tessier. I have always been and always will be. unfortunately I have three problems. (1) I’m stuck in a bad marriage, (2) I’m just a simple human and she is an angel from heaven, (3) I’m afraid she’ll stop our friendship and reject me. Yet, I still love her and i know she is perfect! So be brave and don’t be like me.

  4.  by  Steph

    Whoops. These things happen. If the cousin’s into it, just let the truth out and get together with the one you love.

  5.  by  G.k bryne

    I am in the same kind of relationship and my biggest fear is stopping this person from the one they’re meant to be with. Also falling in love with a person I don’t connect with and cheating(I hear love is blind). maybe I’m blind to the fact that this is my love(I hope). I am not gonna make a Rushed decision nor should you.

  6.  by  BOB

    I know how this person feels, I have fallen I love with my friend wife

  7.  by  Jessica

    This surprisingly is happening to a friend of mine excwpt there wasnt thw issue of a.boyfriend in between my female liked.her first cousin a lot he did too an they.did it they are like what 16 17 I jist think it ia really wrong on so many levels they are related

  8.  by  Kayla

    I have a huge crush on my boyfriends twin brother

  9.  by  Patty Penner

    The grass may look greener on the other side…..I know how you feel though.

  10.  by  Sofia

    I am in love with the guy I’m with but at the same time in love with my best friend

  11.  by  Kaitlyn

    “If you love someone say it. Even if its wrong, even scared, even if it’ll burn your life to the ground. Say it and deal with the consequences later.”

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