She would practice making out with guys. WITH ME.

She would practice making out with guys. WITH ME.

She was my older cousin.

And she would practice making out with guys. WITH ME. And my family never noticed.

That’s why I can’t stand looking at her. I was only 9 and she was 17.

13 Comments on “She would practice making out with guys. WITH ME.

  1.  by  Laura

    This is abuse. I’m so SO sorry this happened to you. I’ve been through a similar situation and i know how hard it is. You don’t have to look at her, just cut her off. She doesn’t deserve anything.

  2.  by  John M.

    I just noticed the tiny writing at the top- and this just made this secret post a whole lot worse. I’m so sorry for you. Just cut her off, as Laura (^) said.

  3.  by  hey

    hey i know how you feel i’ve been in the same situation with my older sister, i love my sister but the fact is if you can get away, you should never talk to her again

  4.  by  MA

    I will pray for you. This kind of thing happened to me. My cousin wasn’t that much older. And girls from school would tell me how he was such a great kisser.

  5.  by  AnonGirl

    My older sisters molested me too, all through my childhood. Now we’re grown up and they’ve done everything they can to ruin my life when it became apparent I might snitch on them. They’ve manipulated and robbed my grandmother blind and they’re incredibly rich. They made sure I got labeled crazy and kicked out of the house at just 16 years old, making me face an ongoing threat of homelessness while they lived the high class lifestyle. They’ve stolen from me many times and continue to do so. I’m pretty sure they will never, ever be prosecuted for molesting me or their many other crimes…they’re so rich, they have the best lawyers you could ever have. Nobody will ever believe me, the black sheep they’ve smeared, worked against, and spread rumors about for all these years. I don’t understand why our society rewards abusers in this way and leaves victims broken in the dust…. Justice is a lie.

  6.  by  Girl

    I was in a similar situation, me and my cousin we did that too. But instead of hating her I liked her a lot. So by the time I found out it was wrong, I felt horrible. Today we never talk about it we just smile and pretend.

    It hurts to think about those times.

  7.  by  Ann

    Something similar happened to me. Don’t feel guilty…your life is beautiful.

  8.  by  neverlookongback

    I went through something similar. We were both 11 though and neither of us opposed. It makes me feel wrong and sick. I wonder if she remembers like I do. I hope she doesn’t. It was not right and I wish I didn’t remember it either.

  9.  by  Lady

    I’ve been there, too. My abuser was my 16 year old babysitter. In time I’ve come to forgive her, if only because the abuse she initially suffered completely stole her childhood, but I kept living mine.

    Peace. Don’t be afraid to be as strong as you want to be.

  10.  by  another1

    i was four when my babysitter started doing it to me… she was 12 and for a long time i was angry because i thought you should know better. but as a straight female i have spent my whole life deflecting the approaches of women who want to get me drunk, kiss me, force objects inside me against my will, and i have realized that forgiveness really it the only way- how sad that someone should be so crippled by their own experiences that they would seek closeness that way, taking so much advantage of youth. i say this as someone who had to reflect on some of my own childhood experiences and pore over details wondering if i ever made another person feel the same way…just forgive, and keep only those in your heart that respect your soul as beautiful and fragile and worth protecting.

  11.  by  Alex

    That happened to me with my step sister, my older female cousin, a friend of my mother’s daughter, my step-grandpa, and my uncle. We have to find someway to keep going.

  12.  by  Anonymous

    This happened to my sister and me too, we are females who were molested throughout our childhoods by our female cousins. Our families thought we were just playing in their bedrooms with the doors closed. I lived with the guilt my entire childhood, I felt like I did something wrong even though it was forced on me. It wasn’t until we were in our twenties that my sister and I realized it happened to both of us. It makes me sick to see these cousins grown up and raising families. I know we were just kids, and they may have been molested by someone else, but that does not make my pain go away.

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