I’m afraid the reason why he doesn’t like me is because..

I'm afraid the reason why he doesn't like me is because..

I’m afraid the reason why he doesn’t like me is because..

we’re not the same ethnicities.

5 Comments on “I’m afraid the reason why he doesn’t like me is because..

  1.  by  Ella

    If someone doesn’t like you because of your race/culture/ethnicity… you’re better off without them.

  2.  by  Mike

    Ella that is a bit naïve and narrow minded of you, in some cultures people like to preserve their own and some cultures have it in their ways to not marry people from other ethnicities. there are many reasons for why and why not, some of them being values, traditions, language and the need to hang on to these. please do not just bash other peoples cultures. we in western societies preach tolerance and acceptance but it seems we only tolerate when the other persons views and morals are the same as ours, which defeats the purpose of tolerance and acceptance. when we do not agree with someone we are just as, if not more, intolerant than those we accuse of being narrow minded and backwards, all because they don’t share the same values as we do. you are perfectly right to think ethnicity and culture does not matter and should not be a factor in any relationship, just as another person is completely right to think that it DOES matter and is extremely important.

    and to the person in question, I really do know how you feel, with me it was a different criteria that I didn’t pass, but it is painful none the less, but we have to tolerate each others intolerances, because we all have some.

  3.  by  Ella

    So let me get this right Mike- this person IS better off with someone who doesn’t value them because of their ethnicity?

    I’m not saying there is anything wrong with preferring your own kind. I’m saying that it is pointless to be in a relationship with a person who will treat you poorly (or view you as inferior) because of your race or anything you can’t control. He/She should walk away and not exert energy seeking a relationship with someone who doesn’t want them- for ANY reason. You think that is niave? I think you aren’t processing my comment and instead decided to defend racial preference needlessly.

    As an aside: I find it humorous that you expended the energy to use a diaeresis in ‘naïve’ and yet you couldn’t properly capitalize your sentences. Lets not put on airs, eh?

  4.  by  christina

    I was in the same situation. Well, we did go out but it was hidden. I could never be more than just a girl to pass the time with because of on my ethnicity, culture, the very basic of who I am. He wanted to preserve his culture and is getting married to someone within his own culture even though they are going out a shorter amount of time. I have never felt so low before or so discriminated against. I am still struggling with the fact someone didn’t want to be with me because of something I couldn’t change. Just not with him but made me insecure about who I am and how others view me. It leaves me in depression. So yes, they are not worth your time if they can’t accept you for who you are, the very foundation of who you are. Don’t waste your time. You should not invest in someone like that. It ruins you and not just the relationship.

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