I will never be this happy ever again.

I will never be this happy ever again.

I will never be this happy ever again.

10 Comments on “I will never be this happy ever again.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    It isn’t a contest, we don’t earn points. Look inside yourself. Why are you so happy now? What things about your life are just right? What things about YOU are just right. Look for those things, learn about those things. Take them with you. No one or no thing makes us happy. WE make us happy; with our thoughts, feelings, smiles, attitudes, words and deeds. Allow yourself to grow in this wonderful time and your happiness; your capacity for happiness will grow with you.

  2.  by  R. x.

    I am assuming you are the woman in this photo. I am also assuming that you are plus sized. Big girls are wonderful. You are beautiful. There are men around you who love you and find you wonderful but society frowns on the plus sized and so we bite our tongues and pretend not to notice. There are more men like this than you think. If you look you will find more of us. Heck, advertise online.

    There you go. More projection than a movie theatre. All part of the service.

  3.  by  D.W.

    Actually I am the guy in this photo. I know that comes as a shocker. To try to explain it all here would be impossible.

  4.  by  S.S.

    I think this picture is of me… (I am the female in the pic.) But I cannot figure out when this was taken or who it is with. I would like to say that I wish you every happiness in the world, and I hope you realize everyday can be this happy!

  5.  by  D.W.

    If your real initials are S.S. then it’s not you. She has seen this pic before it made it to Post Secret.

  6.  by  kim robbins

    Creepy my stepmom has that same picture of flowers it still hangs in her and my dad’s house. This looks a lot like a picture of me and a friend of mine that I lost my copy of but I doubt he even knows post secret is a thing.

  7.  by  maya

    i can relate to this.. i am in love with a plus size man.. i had to deal with the judgment of my friends and family saying that i deserve someone better just due to his weight.. i hated that and for a while i thought about breaking up with him.. but he is greater than every guy i met combined.. if you were happy with her fight for her again.. people dont get to live with your choices you do.. so why care about what other people think..

  8.  by  perky

    Was this by chance someone you were married to?

  9.  by  Supportive

    You will be happy again. Maybe even happier. You just have to try and believe that, despite how very impossible it seems.

  10.  by  Stacey

    Just because one bad thing happens that’s no reason to shut out the world. Life will go on. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it. Believe in yourself, in your happiness, and it will come to you.

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