I was in love with my best friend.

I was in love with my best friend.

I was in love with my best friend. We’re both girls.

I never told her. We have lost touch.

But I think she knew.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    Isn’t that a glorious thing? You were both confused and unsure but she knew you were in love with her…perhaps she felt similarly…but she loved you enough to stay with you and live your friendship together. What good friends you were. I hope you cherish that.

  2.  by  Ames

    Oh sweetheart, I know that feeling for sure. Hugs xxxx

  3.  by  Tony

    I’m in love with my best friend too. I don’t think he knows but I’m scared his girlfriend might.

  4.  by  i love only you

    dont be afraid to tell him or her i just tell u and everybody just dont miss the moment when your alone with him or her and dont wait for the right moment make it hapen;)

    i have waited for too long and i missed it because i was waiting for the right moment

  5.  by  simply me

    I thought i was love with my best friend
    But he was halfway around the world.
    So i didnt tell him.

    And now its too late.
    Hes taken and happy and im moving on..

  6.  by  Anonymous

    I’m in love with my bestfriends boyfriend.

  7.  by  Love Hurts

    I am in love with my best friend, and we are both girls. We are still friends, but it hurts that I know we can never be together.

  8.  by  lovestruck

    I am in love with my best friend. We have been super close for 15 years now. We are both girls. Right now I am living with her…and her boyfriend. It kills me whenever they fight, I don’t think he treats her right.

  9.  by  Boo

    I’m in love with my best friend as well. I would love to jump of the deep end with her and run away this life and timing isn’t right and it’s so unfair. I miss her and love her so much!

  10.  by  Annie

    I was in love with my best friend…so I married her.

  11.  by  Anon

    I didn’t know. I’m sorry. I loved you even when things were at their worst.

  12.  by  J

    I think my friend was in love with me, and I’m sorry we lost touch because she was one of the most wonderful friends I’ve had.

  13.  by  emmers

    I was in love with my best friend, and we eventually hooked up. But it ended up being the worst relationship of my life. I think that she loved me, but wasn’t in love with me. And because of past issues, I think she emotionally abused me in the hopes that I would leave.
    Today we aren’t in contact, she haunts my nightmares, and I think we were both damaged by it.
    I miss my friend, and I regret ever having a relationship with her.

    the grass is always greener…

  14.  by  Sides4peace

    I was too, in love with her. Now I kinda lost touch, she knew I was bisexual/pan sexual/who cares sexual and I think she drifted because she knew, it hurt.

  15.  by  james

    I’m in love with my best friend who I live with. We hooked up and for those brief moments I was the happiest I’ve ever been. He didn’t feel the same though and he has a boyfriend now. They both know. He’s always here. It’s the worst. I’m moving to Australia just to get away from it.

  16.  by  sheena

    I think all best friends love each other.

  17.  by  Madly in love

    I fell in love with my best friend, I left my husband for her. I wanted to marry my princess. 3 years of fighting for what I want and giving up everything to be with her……….OUCH 🙁

  18.  by  Ivy

    I’m in love with my best friend too. We live together. She’s a homophobe. And a christian. I think she knows because she often tells me how much she likes men.

  19.  by  DevilKnows . . .. .

    I was in love with my cousin when we were little girls and we even hooked up. I really liked her but we driffted and now she has a boyfriend and I don’t know how to feel. I don’t know if I feel jealous, hurt, or broken because ever since then we never talk about that. But I know its all on the tip of her tounge she wants to say something and so do I but we both keep silent and pretend. We pretend like nothing ever happened and it kind of hurts . . . . . . . . it hurts alot.

  20.  by  Kate

    I was that friend. After a while I could tell. Thats why we “lost touch”. You needed to move on. To be happy.
    I’m sorry.
    I wish I Loved you.

  21.  by  ellie

    i was in love with my best friend, i got over it, though my current girlfriend is oddly similar to her in looks as well as personality, and Im ok with that. I fell in an even deeper love with this girl, i am thankful. though i occasionally wonder if my friend had been a lesbian would we eventually have married?

  22.  by  Catherine

    In college I realized I was in love with my best friend from high school. Later in college she came out as gay. But we haven’t lived in the same place since high school (~10 yrs ago), and now we’re both in serious relationships. In retrospect, our friendship was like a romantic relationship in some ways. I’ve mostly moved on, but I sometimes wonder if her personality would be more compatible with mine than my boyfriend’s is. I think if we are ever living in the same place and single, I will take a chance.

  23.  by  Angie

    I realised one night that I wanted to kiss my friend. Which made me think I am bisexual and not straight. Often I’ve wanted to tell her but I know it will make things awkward cause she doesn’t feel the same. So for the sake of staying friends I will can never reveal hoe I feel.

  24.  by  Rose

    I hate my mom for knowing that I was raped when I was 6 years old. It was her best friend’s brother but she didn’t do anything because she didn’t want to lose her friend. Now I blame her for my having a crappy life because I was so scarred. I eventually got over what he did. I never got over what she didn’t do.

  25.  by  Sheree Jonker

    The reality is that after awhile, and that’s normally when we grow up, blaming other people for what happened to us is only an excuse for the ways in which we fail, but when we succeed, we want a pat on the back because “it was all me”

  26.  by  lost

    I am currently in love with my boyfriends best friend, we have became best friends also. We even hooked up a couple times. Now he has a gf and he insist we be bro and sis now. I can’t take it. I want him so bad and it makes me wonder why?

  27.  by  O

    I’m in love with my male friend. We became close after I moved away though we haven’t seen eachother in years we still chat regularly. I have a boyfriend, who’s so caring but I’ve always loved my friend, but I think my friend only talks to me because of the stage he is in his life. He tells me about the various girls in his life and I get so jealous. I think he knowsi like him and tries to play things in his favour. I wish I’d never stripped on webcam for him.

  28.  by  tl

    I am in love with a best friend but haven’t told her because I don’t think she would want to know. she tells me so much and I feel burned sometimes when she tells me secrets because I can’t tell her mine. she even told me who she likes and I just smiled. I have to keep secret because I don’t want to mess things up, but it’s killing me. I nearly cried when I read this because it hurts so much to think of someone else going through what I am.

  29.  by  C

    I was in love with my best friend for all of high school. We flirted but I always thought she was straight and I was imagining things. I felt like I could never tell her how I felt because she would hate me. After nearly a decade of no contact we just reconnected. I told her I’m a lesbian and she said she is bi. I loved her so much it is painful to think that maybe if I had had the courage I could have been with the girl I loved for so long. Now she is married. Thankfully he is a great guy. You never know what will happen if you only try.

  30.  by  S

    I was in love with my seriously homophobic best friend for over 2 years. She never suspected a thing. Now she’s turned into a bitch but I still love her…

  31.  by  sunrise

    i wonder if this is you. if it is…i loved you too. if this is you, we’re both married now, and i even have kids…and i would raise them with you if i had the chance.

    i miss every single little thing about you.

  32.  by  Ivy

    Wow Sunrise…wow wow wow!! What you said is what so many of us wish we could hear. I even wish this was my secret…good luck!

  33.  by  Cat mipleck

    Thats tottaly sick! Go find some real love in a men. Another women will never fill your heart

  34.  by  Ivy

    Cat, a man has never filled my heart like a woman has, and I’ve tried. Sorry you feel the way you do. “Sick” is the men and women who abuse children. “Sick” is the men who rape women and children. “Sick” is not sharing your love with someone else. You need to review your idea of the word because I don’t recall anyone asking you to come here and comment. There is a list as long as my arm on what narrow minded people like you call gay people, but perhaps not one nasty, belittling word for straight people. Please, do us all a favor and crawl back into the hole you came from because the world would be a better place without those of you who think like this. Same sex relationships are practiced in over 450 species on our planet. Homophobia in only one. I’m sure you are smart enough to figure out which one.

  35.  by  Darklight39

    I never thought I would fall for my best friend she lives in another continent, I’m devout to Christ and so are my other friends she doesn’t believe in Christ, but God knows why i ended up falling for her it’s an ache to not even be able to my friends and close ones bc they believe same sex love is a sin i somewhat feel 50/50 that she may feel the same for me but also she doesn’t she has never been in a relationship i have been in way too many but i have never been in love i am with her shes beyond compare beautiful shes smart the most incredible personality and warm heart her eyes are blue i got so nervous when i looked at them bc i would just fall inside them not to mention her smile her dimples shes skinny athletic long legs 5’8-9 shes 18 im short skinny 5’1-2 im 20 lol i love it tho we protected eachother and when we hugged it was long but it felt like a snap i melted in her arms when i talk to her person/message/skype i was instantly happy and i knew thats all i would ever want and wish to spend my life with her id give it all just to hold her hand whenever i want i am someone who doesnt want to get married until i met her i want to be her wife look for a home spend the most loving wedding night ever im a worship singer so i would sing for her on the sunset, sunrise, every single day and night have children love them and each-other then grand children grow old together i want to be by her side forever until the lord calls us home and even when he does love eachother in his kingdom i love her so much that i doesnt matter to me if she doesnt know about christ maybe she will someday but either way whatever she decides or believes i want to be with her no matter what who knows if she’ll ever know all I know is that when she has her first relationship it will kill me and when she gets married my heart will be completely shattered
    I am completely lost on this I pray that The Lord puts a man in my heart like apparently it’s meant to be but in my heart I feel that something so beautiful isn’t a sin and I pray that The Lord grants her love to me I feel selfish but I couldn’t stand her been with someone who isn’t me, I met her last year I was a grade above her she was only here for a year we became the best of friends we spent almost every single day together she left in the summer back to her country now I feel empty I wake up thinking about her all day as well go to bed she’s still in my mind I even pray that I will dream about her which is the closets thing to been with her.

  36.  by  S

    I was in love with my best friend. I never told her, but she knew. She ended up hurting me and taking advantage of me, and now we don’t talk.

  37.  by  sexcammen

    Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out some additional information.

  38.  by  fuck up

    I’m in love with my best friend also. However, he is a boy and I am a girl and we are both straight, so I can’t say I know exactly how you feel. I can say that it hurts every single day to know that he will forever think of me as a friend, while still playfully flirting with me as a joke. Does he know? If I tell him will he even talk to me anymore? We’ve known each other for so long and are so crazy and funny together, and I never in a million eyes want to mess that up. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  39.  by  jo

    My best friend from childhood wanted a relationship with me a few years ago so I tried it because she is amazing and so much fun. I couldn’t imagine spending my entire life with anyone else. But despite my best efforts, I couldn’t force myself to be gay and I hate myself for hurting her. She’s married and moved on now, but I’m still not over it.

  40.  by  Ivy

    Hi Jo,

    I hope you get this. Kudos to you. A big high five and a pat on the back. I think you’re remarkable for even trying to give that part of yourself to someone you loved. Please don’t beat yourself up about it. It could have easily happened either way, gay, straight or lesbian.

  41.  by  Ivy

    And as a footnote: “I couldn’t force myself to be gay”

    I loved that comment the most and let it ring true to every homophobe, this is not a choice. When you next tell a gay or lesbian person it’s their “choice” I want you to stroll on over to the mirror, look yourself square in the eyes and say, “so when did I decide to be straight?”

  42.  by  S

    My best friend and I who are both women and have been in love w each other since Jr. High. We are now almost in our 30’s. Still best friends and have hooked up throughout the years. Always back and fourth because she is not a lesbian but sexual as she likes to call it. She is now married to a man with a baby and I am in a serious relationship on the verge of getting married. I don’t think our love for each other will ever go away.. But I know we will never be together. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone.

  43.  by  Beth

    I loved my best friend, too. We were both in choir and she had the most heavenly, beautiful voice. Hurricane Katrina forced her to move across the country. We kept in touch for a long time. Then, slowly…we drifted apart. I still love her and would embrace her with open arms.

  44.  by  ladeda

    I never thought I’d be able to fall so hard for someone until I met her. We both attend the same university and have grown so close over the past 2 years. She’s flirted with me in the past, so I think she might like me too. It’s just so tantalizing. I want to tell her so badly but I don’t want to possibly ruin our beautiful friendship.

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