I want to skip forward in time..

I want to skip forward in time..

I want to skip forward in time..

…until I’m happy

I won’t miss much.

2 Comments on “I want to skip forward in time..

  1.  by  Tom McG

    We all have moments when we want to hit the time-skipping trail. Why do you feel you are not happy now? Now the hard question…what might it take for you to be happy? That question is not only difficult but time consuming. Stop, look, think, talk. Talk to anyone and everyone. You will learn what you can do; what you can try; what you can explore. The journey will most likely be wonderous. If you COULD skip ahead, I’ll wager you would miss a LOT!!!

  2.  by  Lena

    I have bipolar disorder. When I’m in the depression part of the cycle, I know that I will get into the hyper time a day or two later, but it is really painful and helpless when I’m have to endure the depression session. I just wish I could skip ahead, and I know I wont miss much because all I would do when I am depressed is sleep or think about killing myself.

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