I sneak to the meat department to have sex..

I sneak to the meat department to have sex..

I sneak to the meat department to have sex with a MARRIED meat man at the store where I work.

He’s 41. I’m 19.

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  1.  by  bc

    so sad, I feel for his kids that will one day have zero respect for him because you will help him destroy his family !

  2.  by  kitty

    bc, you don’t know if the guy has kids, all it says is MARRIED. Also what is this “helped him destroy” business. It’s not like she forced him to have sex with her. A 41 year old man has been around the block a few times and should know better than to sleep with a 19 year old no matter how willing she is. I made a lot of mistakes in my younger years too. I’m not saying what she’s doing is right but they both share the blame!!

  3.  by  Heather

    You are way too young to understand how hurtful this will be to you in the future when you mature. This will scar you…mainly because he’s taking advantage of your youthful outlook. The age of a 19-year-old woman is, in my opinion, still a child as far as experience and maturity of real life. Please quit your job or tell someone who will make you get away from the male attention you are craving. Because that’s the reason you condone yours as well as his behavior. Worry about attention from YOURSELF, not a male. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good father figure, I didn’t either; however, the older you get, I promise, the more you’ll understand the tragedy of what you’re doing to yourself. Please stop for yourself.

  4.  by  the_soup

    sounds like you’re really getting your fill of that aged meat!

  5.  by  Tiff

    Whatever makes you happy! You are an adult don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise! For all we know the wife knows and doesn’t care. I think people cheat for a reason and its usually something lacking in the relationship. If he was happy at home it wouldn’t be happening.im not saying its right but he needs to choose whether he wants to salvage his marriage or leave it. That’s his problem not yours.

  6.  by  Ana Blue

    well, I hope you haven’t kidded yourself into thinking he actually cares about you.

  7.  by  mt

    Get a different job. If you are attracted to him and are unable to stop, then you need to get out of there. Which you should because really, you are 19 and how-many-ever excuses you can make, the truth is he is cheating on his wife; and that makes him, well, a cheat. It’s not the age difference that matters, it’s the dishonesty in the relationship that does. I don’t think there are too many men who would say no to a 19-year old girl wanting to sleep with them. YOU have the power to stop, and you should – please don’t scar yourself for life.

  8.  by  couldn't resist

    I hope he doesn’t just have small goods on offer

  9.  by  samehere!

    I wonder do you love him?

    If so, tell him, be with him forever, make him your fairytale. Lead the best, most fulfilled and happy life possible.

    If not, tell him, ask him to go home to his wife and try to fix or end his relationship.

    I wonder do you like him?

    If so, be his friend, his confident, support him and help him with his choices.

    If not, tell him it’s time for him to take his problems and solve them without you, wish him the best but leave it there.

    All of these options are possible, if you think about it hard enough you will fall into one of those categories. Do not leave your job, you are both adults and thus can work alongside each other however this turns out.

    I chose the first option in a situation so similar to yours it’s untrue. I love my life and I love my fiance more than anyone in the world. I adore his kids and his ex knows that it hadn’t been working for them for a long time.

    Your life. You have only one. Choose wisely.

  10.  by  24+58=

    I’m 28 he is 54 married with children. Also he is my boss. Don’t know what will happen but I love him and for now it works. I made my decision and he made his. I refuse to feel guilty no matter how this ends. So do what works for you.

  11.  by  LD

    They both share the blame. Little moments of indulgence for them is going to destroy his family and hers too, if she has one yet. Shame on them both. There is no excuse for infidelity. She is just as pitiful being the mistress as he is being the cheater.

  12.  by  Wen

    Yet ANOTHER reason why being Vegan is the best choice I’ve ever made..gross.

  13.  by  Steve

    Sometimes you just want to have sex, sometimes you just find somebody else who wants to have sex with you. That’s it, just sex.

  14.  by  ugg

    Talk about getting the bone!

    Ok, that was bad. Flings are there for a purpose. You’re trying to fill a void in your life. Until you address this emptiness in your heart you will keep on doing stuff like this. Dressing rooms, restaurant offices, parking lots, etc. The riskier the better. Risk is a two edge sword. Please be careful.

  15.  by  Curious

    “It’s Joe Albertson’s Supermarket, but the meat department man’s meat is mine”

  16.  by  punny

    Looks like you are going to have to meat the consequences later on in life

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