I hope you get drunk tonight..

I hope you get drunk tonight..

I hope you get drunk tonight, just so you’ll text me and confess that you have feelings for me.

8 Comments on “I hope you get drunk tonight..

  1.  by  Grace

    Me too. So I can finally tell you I’m done being used.

  2.  by  tori

    I’ve been waiting for that text for some time now..

  3.  by  Tom McG

    What if you went to him, when he is drunk if that is necessary, and started the conversation? Tori and OP, it SO hurts to love someone who may just be oblivious. Yes, they may not love you, but it really may be they don’t think they are up to a standard to tell you they have feelings for you. Grace, again, perhaps waiting until he is drunk will give you the courage, but it sounds as if you already have the boots in your closet…so put them on and kick his ass!!! You deserve so much better than a user. Think of the satisfaction you will get when you overhear him telling people “Oh, that boot mark on my ass? That’s my latest tattoo!!” 🙂

  4.  by  itsjustme

    I’m secretly hoping this is about me, and that we do hang out soon!

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  6.  by  Summer

    I think many people have that one preson they spend their life waiting to hear from. Sometimes, its more than one person over a lifetime. I know I have mine….

  7.  by  Lisa Marie

    I am in the same spot, but this actually has happened to me. And I feel selfish, because I love the man I’m dating so so much, but hearing that from the few others that I liked but never felt good enough for? It puts me on a mountain.

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