I had an abortion.

I had an abortion.

I had an abortion.

because I didn’t want my X-BF to find out I was pregnant with is child and hurt him and his NEW GF.

8 Comments on “I had an abortion.

  1.  by  yy

    that is really sad – if you did not want the baby that is one thing, but you will feel better when you allow yiourself to make decisions for yourself – and not do something for someone not even in your life any longer.

  2.  by  Etavargga

    Too sweet… no seriously, you’re being too sweet. CUT IT OUT.

  3.  by  Kyle

    I killed a kid (instead of putting him up for adoption) because white people problems

  4.  by  Would-be father

    You should have told him. My ex only told me after it was done and it broke my heart, even though it was the right choice. I still think about the daughter I never got to meet.

  5.  by  tom

    should tell them, yes its entirely the decision of the woman but, the man has the right to know your decision before you get rid of it, as it is as much a part of him as its a part of you. And don’t worry about their relationship, some things are bigger than that and require a bit of headonism

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