I fear I won’t ever have a chance again..

I fear I won't ever have a chance again..

Angel would have been 12. Her siblings 16, 11 and 10.

I fear I won’t have ever have a chance again because I didn’t want any of them, even though I’m a different person now.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    You are a different person now and the circumstances you are in are different…just because you ARE different. You have learned, grown, and, apparently suffered for your previous choices. You were given “second” chances then. Perhaps you can be in a position of getting those chances again. If the chances are denied you, then work to make your own chances. Volunteer, adapt, whatever it takes to have those kids again. Good luck.

  2.  by  asdfjkl

    Stupid wh0re. Use protection, you [email protected] murderer!! I hope you never have kids. I don’t feel bad for you wh0res who abort your children and then have fertility issues later. You reap what you sow. Hope you’re [email protected] miserable!! You deserve it. You dumb sl^t!!

  3.  by  ohheywhatsup


    Let me list a few of the bloody MYRIAD of issues I take with your above comment.

    1- The secret does not mention abortion. You’re making an assumption. I would include points refuting the “religious” arguments against abortion as well, but you’ve said nothing about religion, and I don’t wish to make assumptions.

    2-Your use of the word “whore” is both disrespectful AND inappropriate, as the meaning of “whore” does not in fact have anything to do with the concept of abortion.

    3-Assuming that this woman (another assumption, by the way. This secret could well have been posted by a man) did exercise her LEGAL RIGHT to have abortions, who are you to judge? The bugs you squish on the sidewalk and the animals from which your meat comes are more sentient beings than the handful of cells that comprise a fetus for the first month of it’s existence.

    4-This is not the appropriate context for your comments. I don’t agree with you or the cruel way you express your opinion, but you have a right to the opinion nonetheless, I simply suggest that you share it somewhere else. This person is baring their soul, and you respond by attacking them, a person you do not know, and probably never will know.

    5- I hope YOU never have kids, or if you already do/plan to, that they are smart and strong enough to be empathetic, caring, and tolerant, as opposed to following your path of ignorance and cruelty.

  4.  by  asdfjkl

    @ohw This is the f^cking internet, not a therapy session. If you don’t like it, turn off your computer. I’m not even going to acknowledge each of your points because the whole thing reads as “I do not wish to judge–yet I’m judging you; therefore, I am a hypocrite. Here is my opinion–yours sucks–yet, your entitled to your opinion”. You are so spineless, that even on the internet you cannot even pick a side. If you don’t like what I said then grow some balls and say so. Don’t say ‘I don’t like it, but I guess…’. Anyways, to the poster, I still think you’re a stupid wh0re, and I hope you never get pregnant again. I have no sympathy for murderers.

  5.  by  Ct


    Spineless?! You are spineless and clearly uneducated. I sincerly hope you do not have children to spread the hatred you spew.

  6.  by  Tom McG

    @ohw IS picking a side, she just allowed you to have yours, which is more than you can say for yourself. There are times and places to attack and debate, this NOT being one of them. You could express your opinion, by all means, but there are better, less inflammatory,more intelligent ways to do so. Fundamentalists such as yourselves are not committed to a point of view as you seem to think you are, you are committed to controlling others, trying to make them like you. If your views were so “right,” then there is absolutely no reason to be threatened when they are questioned. A “right” view can speak for itself, stand scrutiny, and not only survive, but become stronger!

  7.  by  ohheywhatsup


    Don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart. I absolutely AM judging you, but I’m keeping the parts of my judgement that aren’t constructive or respectful to myself, because I’m capable of functioning like a responsible adult.
    Also,you’re right, this is the internet, which means it encompasses millions of different kinds of websites, each with its own purpose. For example, THIS website is for support, not judgement.
    As for your insistence that I am spineless, you seem to have confused “spineless” with “the ability to express one’s opinions without sounding like a judgmental douchebag.”
    Enough backbone for you?

  8.  by  amanda

    This could have been adoptions. No where does it say anything about abortions.

  9.  by  Danielle

    This could have been adoptions, abortions, still borns, ect.. They could have been from a rape, a relationship (good or bad), a one night stand, prostitution, ect… The possibilities are endless. Based on the information given, there is no possible way (that I can see) to know the story of the PERSON (man or woman)and these children.

    @asdfjkl Im all for different opinions, but lets be civil adults and leave rudeness and negativity out of it, shall we?

  10.  by  Etavargga

    Anti-choicers: bringing suck with them wherever they go.

  11.  by  RS

    If this does refer to abortions, then she is aware of what abortion is–she gave them names for crying out loud. That doesn’t mean she can’t be forgiven. If you believed it was murder, you’d be pissed about it, too.

  12.  by  SarahTX99

    The post card says she didn’t WANT them. These aren’t rapes or miscarriages, these are abortions for sure.

  13.  by  Sila

    She gave them names, you don’t do that with an abortion. Most likely these were adoptions and this person is regretting giving up their children. Its happens. I knew a girl who gave up her two daughters only a few moments after giving birth to her youngest daughter because she couldn’t handle it and she was being stupid over a boy. I think it was the best move for those little girls because the mom would never have grown up and would have ended up struggling and treating those babies like crap. Now she’s had a few years of soul searching, she’s still greatly pained over her daughters but she’s managed to put her act together, get married and have a little boy that she now has the capability to care for. I just wish she had pulled her head out of her butt sooner and I’m thankful those little girls that I had once held and helped try to care for were able to get real loving parents who could properly care for them.

  14.  by  rachel

    i sorry that i secretly hate people like you because you had four chances and i cant have any. i sorry that i think im better than you. i sorry that i think i deserve happiness more than you. because i know in mind that these feeling are wrong and or misdirected.

  15.  by  Aud

    Agree with Sila. You don’t give names when thinking about abortions. When giving a name, you’ve likely already decided to have a life with the future child. Likely adoption.

  16.  by  anna

    It’s not my place to judge any actions. If these were abortions, though, I once meet a girl who had had FOURTEEN of them, and was currently happily and healthfully pregnant. (I’m an ultrasound tech). There is hope for you.

  17.  by  jk

    I’m not sorry but 14 abortions makes you a serial killer.

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