Everytime I said I love you, I lied.

Everytime I said I love you, I lied.

Everytime I said I love you, I lied.

3 Comments on “Everytime I said I love you, I lied.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Why did you do that? Did you REALLY do that? Could you think that now because you are angry? Did you say it because you were afraid you would be alone? You are speaking in the past tense, so I hope that means you are out of that relationship(?), because I am guessing it hurt a lot to realize that you were lying. Perhaps you were lying to yourself as much as if not more than to him? No matter what you have done or felt, you deserve a REAL love…and a real love is a connection; a two way street. Unfortunately to have a real love, you also have to love yourself. If you love yourself, you won’t WANT to lie to the other person OR yourself. Real love is too good, to wonderful and to precious to waste time and energy like that. Be true to yourself; what YOU feel; what YOU want, and you won’t even think of lying next time. You will just love (and be loved). 🙂

  2.  by  NoOne

    Me too. I felt pressured when he told me he loved me and I said “I love you too” without meaning/feeling it. I couldn’t stand his expectant gaze after he told me.

    Now I’m afraid to ever get in such a situation again and stay away from men.

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