Your brother RAPED me.

Your brother RAPED me.

Your brother RAPED me.

And somewhere in this horrible, awful mess, I know you blame and hate me.

And I hope you never have to know that I’m in love with you.

4 Comments on “Your brother RAPED me.

  1.  by  A

    This broke my heart. Whoever wrote this, I truly hope you can find the support you need as well as a great person that deserves your love.

  2.  by  D

    This reminds me of another secret that I have seen.. It said something along the lines of “You told me my brother raped you… I hate you for it”…

    this is very sad 🙁

  3.  by  jenna

    whoever you are—wherever you are—SWEETHEART—I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.

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