The one guy who hasn’t raped me..

The one guy who hasn't raped me..

The one guy who hasn’t raped me was the one I sent to prison…

15 Comments on “The one guy who hasn’t raped me..

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Why did you do that? Would trying to fix things help how badly I am guessing you feel? Please try to talk to someone.

  2.  by  hana

    please don’t take this to the grave! tell someone. that man doesn’t deserve to be in prison while the real scumbag is out free.

  3.  by  EdG

    The one’s that raped you sentenced you, an innocent person, to a lifetime of pain.

    And you sentenced an innocent person to the torture & hell of prison.

    Congratulations. You’re a monster too.

  4.  by  Somewhere Out There

    If you need to talk to someone please don’t hesitate to message me. I promise to keep it confidential.

    michisjourdi AT

  5.  by  Anger

    I’m sorry you were raped. I know this is a terrible thing. But do you know what hellish torturer you’ve put this man through by sending him to jail? I’ve been in jail it is a horrible place to be. Especially if you are accused of rape because there are people who are going to rape him everyday and try to kill him. YOU MUST TELL SOMEONE!!!!

  6.  by  Jen

    Whoa whoa whoa, give the poor thing some slack.

    Why did he end up going to prison? She/he didnt SAY it was because she falsly cried rape. Maybe it was an alcoholic step-dad that beat her, maybe it was a jealous ex boyfriend who tried to kill her. Or maybe she did send an innocent guy to jail, but if you dont know, dont be such dicks.

  7.  by  JustAGirl

    You sound like a seriously fucked up individual. Karma is gonna get your ass.

  8.  by  NoName

    I don’t understand. Isn’t the point of PostSecret to be able to share you’re darkest confessions without being judged. And yet here you people are, telling this poor person what a monster they are. The reason they made this post is because they fell guilty and know they’ve made a mistake. Just because they acknowledge that doesn’t mean it’s an easy fix from there. Get off of their back, it’s probably way more complicated than you think it is.

  9.  by  Etavargga

    Ideally the ones who send in the postcards wouldn’t see the comments, but realistically it is most likely the fans sending the cards in. Which is a shame, what with everyone’s comments sucking so.

  10.  by  mythoughtsarewithyou

    This one sentence says a lot more than some seem to be realizing in my opinion. To the person who posted this, I sense this is a silent cry for help, and that you did what you did because admitting who truly did rape you would put your life in more harm than hiding it. I truly hope that you can find a way to safety and to allow the innocent man be freed, and for you to forgive yourself!

  11.  by  Pat

    Maybe you should fix your terrible wrong and make it right!

  12.  by  voice of reason

    What never ceases to amaze me is not the secret posted here. God knows this girl has to live with herself and horrible dead that happen to her, and also that she has committed.

    This is a situation where everyone is a victim. Show what a mess the world is. Many here leave comments that reflect how flawed their own character is. It disconcerts me that so many here think a heinous crime is justified by committing another heinous crime.

    Postsecret was not created for people to purge themselves of guilt for crimes against humanity. If a person seeks therapy, and confesses a felonious crime that therapist is not professionally bound to secrecy.

    You see, justice and the pursuit of righteousness is more important than someone feeling better about something they should feel bad about. A conscience is designed to force us to either do right, or correct the wrong we’ve made.

    If everyone could just confess and feel better, what would keep them from serially repeating the same mistakes?

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