My teacher always talks about FAT people.

My teacher always talks about FAT people.

My teacher always talks about FAT people.

Everytime he does, I CUT myself because part of me is sure he means me because everyone else in that class is THIN.

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  1.  by  Isabelle

    It sounds as though she is blaming her teacher for being miserable

  2.  by  Keri


    What was the point of that comment, REALLY?
    I and other people have said this before, PS is a place where people can reveal there secrets with NO judgement.

    That’s one of the reason’s PS does so well, imo, no one is SUPPOSED to judge.

    Also, it sounds to me as though she’s NOT blaming her teacher, but her weight is a self-esteem issue she has.
    We don’t know what her teacher says about over-weight people.
    It could be bad. We don’t know.
    And if it’s bad, that probably has a part in her cutting.

    To Actual Poster:
    It may be a good idea to talk to your teacher about this.
    Maybe he doesn’t realize that he says these things, whatever they are.
    Stay strong. <3

  3.  by  Isabelle

    I am not judging judging would be like ‘ I bet she is lying.’ I thought it sounds like she is blaming him and not doing anything about it. I understand being in a situation like that is had but talk to you mother you don’t have to say that you cut just that your teacher is saying rude things about larger people and I am sure the principal will listen. She doesn’t say that she cuts herself because she wants to change she said she cuts herself because he talks about it

  4.  by  Valshshdj

    To Keri, it’s “PostSecrets Archive” not “PostSecret” they are run by two different people. People can comment and judge all they want. If they cared that much about people’s responses they’d approve comments before posting.

    I agree with Isabelle, the poster is just looking for someone to blame for cutting. Your teacher probably doesn’t consider anyone in your class to be “fat” hence why he thought it’d be a safe topic.

  5.  by  Eva

    I am fat and I know what you mean, and I am very sorry that you cut yourself.

    I hurt myself in other ways so I get it.

    It is just not worth it. I was fat and I lost a lot of weight, people treated me better. Then I gained weithg again and they are mean to me again.

    Get help.

  6.  by  Heather

    see the red marks on her teachers hands? she is hurt to the point of pain.. this teacher, sadly may not even know he is doing this to anyone. OP, i suggest you write an anony. letter to the teacher & say..”when you say “fat” it hurts me” and i am willing to bet he will change.. a teacher last year told my daughter (who was dressed in a white
    “gown” for her graduation.. thaat she looked like she was left at the alter.. she was sad for leaving….. it wasnt meant to be a bad thing.. he just meant she looked sad whle she was dressed beautiful, but being young, she didnt see that. Teachers love their students.. if they didnt, they wouldnt teach! Try the letter, i bet it will help!!

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