I’ve been self-mutilating since I was 5.

I've been self-mutilating since I was 5.

I’ve been self-mutilating since I was 5.

I’ve tried to kill myself 8 times.

I should be dead by now…

8 Comments on “I’ve been self-mutilating since I was 5.

  1.  by  Some Angel

    I do not know what happened to you in your life that has made you do these things. But I do want to share something about me with you. I was six when I first tried killing myself, after my then best friend who had succeeded (I understand why he did it though). After that, I tried six other times, throughout my years until I was 14. My last time, I jumped out of a huge pine tree, in a more secluded area of a small town, in the drizzling rain (I went when it rained, so no one could stop me). Some one whom I had never seen nor met before saw me falling out of the tree, and ran under me to try to save me.

    He succeeded, but he broke both his legs and his left arm in doing so. I ended up with just a sprained ankle. The first thing that I heard him say was once we were in the hospital, and it was this: “How many times have you tried?” I told him seven. And then he said to me, and I want YOU to read this with an open heart: “Don’t you think you would be dead by now, if you were MEANT to be dead? You are alive right now because you have a REASON to be.”

    Please…Please, I need you to look around you, and try to feel the warmth and the light. I KNOW that there are very dark and evil places in this world. I have known it since I was a kid, and I still know it now. But Life IS worth living, if you give it just another try. You can do this, dear. You can do this. Whoever you are, I Love You. Please.


  2.  by  Some Angel

    *I did not try killing myself because my friend did it. I tried it because everyone around me was in danger from someone, and I felt that I was to blame. It was only until after he hurt me that I tried that final attempt, and I met the boy who saved me.

    I have faith that you can be saved as well.

  3.  by  Nic

    I honestly don’t blame you for wanting to end your life. I’m not at all saying you should, but I’m not in your shoes to understand or chastise you for doing it. Everyday, I pray that God will take me so I can be happy for once in my own existence. Life isn’t worth it to me anymore and I wish you the very best. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad because you’re you. That’s a mistake I’ve made long ago.

  4.  by  Jane Doe

    But you’re not dead. Celebrate that you’re alive. I promise you that life can be beautiful.

  5.  by  JustAGirl

    I think if you really wanted to be dead, you would be. Sounds like a cry for help..please go get some.

  6.  by  Sweetie

    Then there is a fucking reason you are still alive. See how the universe hasn’t let you take your last breath any time soon, and take that as a hint! LIVE. And thrive.

  7.  by  RS

    I’m no expert in these matters, but it seems to me like God will just not let you go yet. He loves you, and you have a purpose on this earth.

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