I’m not anorexic.

I'm not anorexic.

I’m not anorexic.

I’m just slowly committing suicide.

6 Comments on “I’m not anorexic.

  1.  by  unnamed

    I’d be anorexic if that’s what it takes to have a flat chest. My chest makes me feel like a whore.

  2.  by  Daniel

    I have dealt with eating disorders from an early age, and I know that they helped me to feel in control. I have learned. You are beautiful. You are useful. You have purpose. You have control of your life and there are so many moments that make life real … see those moments. Enjoy those moments. You can kill yourself and you are unstoppable in that. You are the one who will miss out on beauty. You will miss out on life. You will miss out on YOU. Let yourself ::be:: and know that you are loved. I love you. I wish I knew you better. Take care of yourself; you’re worth it.

  3.  by  MT

    I’m an over eater or binge eater and sometimes I with I had developed anorexia or bulimia, at least then I wouldn’t get the ugly looks, my father would think I was pretty and people would stop asking to explain my eating disorder, everyone knows about anorexia and bulimia.

  4.  by  SR*

    I’ve been anorexic myself for a far too long time. Right now, things seem to get started again. You feel alone and nobody cares. The world seems to be too overwhelming to deal with so you take over control of yourself cause it’s the only thing you can control. You want to slip away silently in order to make a statement: “Here I was and it’s your fault I’m not here any more. Finally you recognize I was here. Pity, it’s too late, silly.”
    Nice thoughts? Not at all.
    Believe me, it’s not worth it. Imagine what would happen, if you die. All the missed chances, all the missed bright sides of life. Death will come when the time is right, but in my case, I have too much to do before I go.
    Same as you, I guess. Do yourself a favor and STOP it, before you even lose control of yourself. I don’t know you, but trust me, you’re not alone. Never.

  5.  by  jake high

    i have been over eatting food for long time and there are times that do throw up after i eat, i do eat large amonts of food at one time then i want to throw it up and some times i do throw up. i know that i am slowing killing my self by getting weight. i know part of why i use food is to not feel my feelings.

  6.  by  Sara

    JESUs loves you sweet. Suicide means hell for eternity. Please seek the LORD, HE is the greatest healer. HE will not let you down but lift you up…please don’t chose death. Chose CHRIST, the most incredible gift and blessing!

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