I used to love you..

I used to love you..

I used to love you until I found out you had feelings for my now ex-best friend.

I hate that I don’t smile like I used to. :/

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    I don’t know if you were in a relationship and they cheated on you or if you had kept your feelings to yourself. However it all happened, you know from your own heart that we can’t help whom we love. Our feelings can betray us; lead us astray from what we know is best for us. It is not your fault and it is hard to “grow up” but learning things through pain. Please give it time. Your smile will be better in a while. You will be better…older, wiser and more aware. The bad hurts…it can get even worse…that’s the “boo” part. The good is wonderful…getting better and better…that’s the “yay!” part. It WILL get better for you, I promise.

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