I think I’m a vampire.

I think I'm a vampire.

I think I’m a vampire.

I love to drink blood.

But it doesn’t hurt me, no matter how much I drink…

10 Comments on “I think I’m a vampire.

  1.  by  Brittany

    My question is….where in the world are you getting this blood?
    That’s the only problem that concerns me.

  2.  by  Diana

    Seriously? It doesn’t hurt you until you drink an infected blood, until then keep living in your little fantasy world where vampires and unicorns live.

  3.  by  Lynn

    You don’t think it’s hurting you but blood is rich in iron and if you drink too much you would get excess amount of iron in your system. And news flash that’s fatal because iron is not easily filtered OUT. You are basically slowly shutting down some vital organ to feed your delirious notion of being a “vampire”. Excess iron accelerates the oxidation of body tissues, which worsens the course of virtually every disease. God, people are so ignorant these days of what actually hurts their body!!

  4.  by  Me

    Google the following: “hemochromatosis”, “hepatitis C”, “HIV”.

  5.  by  Kristenrose G

    Besides for the health risks, you will regret this if you keep telling people. I had a friend who told people that and is now afraid to show her face.

  6.  by  Georgia

    Lol I’m confused, are you a twilight freak, cause I sure do hate them.

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