I tell myself ‘m ugly everyday.

I tell myself 'm ugly everyday.

I tell myself ‘m ugly everyday.

The truth is; I’m waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

9 Comments on “I tell myself ‘m ugly everyday.

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Do you have anyone (or anything) that you love? If you are waiting for “someone to prove [you] wrong,” then I suspect you do have loves. It can be anything; a person, a child, a dog, a cat… They love you in return and see your beauty. Why are you telling yourself lies everyday? If you love and want love, then you have beauty. There is enough ugliness in everyday life for anyone…there is no reason to be trying to convince yourself you are adding to it. Trust me, you aren’t.
    But, chances are, no one will “rescue” you. You have to believe in yourself…and your inherent beauty will really come out…it will shine brighter than before…and people will be attracted to you. Convincing yourself you are ugly is only a part of chasing others away. You ARE beautiful. You CAN do this!! Good luck!

  2.  by  Tayler

    The only person who can actually convince you otherwise is yourself.
    Try telling yourself that your beautiful, it might feel weird at first but really say it OUT LOUD.

  3.  by  martin

    You are wrong. You were deep enough and had enough of a heart within to reach out in a post, therefore you have value as a person and a soul. If you are of value to the world then you cannot be “ugly”

  4.  by  sam

    What do you think being beautiful even means?

  5.  by  broken_soul

    Beauty is blind it is within…hidden deep inside.

  6.  by  Mae

    If you feel and act beautiful- people will see that. If you feel ugly and continually beat yourself down, people wont see a shining, confident person. Confidence is the MOST attractive attribute on anyone. Confidence can make an average looking person seem stunning and likewise, an insecure gorgeous person will look less attractive. It isn’t anybodies job to build self esteem for you, especially if you continually beat yourself down.

  7.  by  Etavargga

    Heartening. But I’d suggest to stop telling yourself that you’re ugly. Talking to yourself is stupid.

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