I push my breasts together to look big on photos.

I push my breasts together to look big on photos.

I push my breasts together to look big on photos.

Truth is they make me so unhappy as I think I don’t have any at all.

No one understands my pain, they think I’m crazy.

I don’t know how much longer I can keep on feeling this way.

11 Comments on “I push my breasts together to look big on photos.

  1.  by  mark

    based on the photo, I’d say you’re fine, small side or not is not the issue. If anything I really think you might want to discuss this with a therapist as it’s possible that you may be really suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. If that’s the case, you would really benefit to get at the bottom of that first. In other words, in your own view they could never be big enough, and getting implants would never make you happy. Not worth the cost, both financially nor emotionally etc of going there.

  2.  by  jess

    Almost everyone is unhappy with their body in some way, it’s called insecurities, not a freaking disorder. To the OP, there are lots of girls who can’t even push together their boobs to make that cleavage line no matter how hard they try. There’s charts on boobs of every shape and size, please look it up on google, it might help you accept your body better.

  3.  by  kitty

    I know how you feel in a way,my left boob is bigger than my right! Almost a full cup. I used to have a hard time being intimate because I felt like a freak. And then a long time ago I met a man who I fell in love with and I confided my secret in him and do you know what he told me? “You are more than just your breasts!” and I want to say that to you because it is 100% true. I’m sure that there are things about you that make you so special and so beautiful! Judging by your cool cell phone and pretty top I would say you’re probably really creative and cool.

    Also I think you’re incredibly lucky to have smaller breasts! Mine are DD/E! and I have a really hard time finding nice bras! Girl, Victoria’s Secret was made for you!!! Take your best friend and go shopping and don’t leave until you find an amazing killer bra!! And then wear it with PRIDE!

  4.  by  Ella

    There is more to you than your boobs- or any aspect of your looks. Learn to be proud and beautiful inside and it will show outside. The truth is, no one is 100% happy with their bodies. I have big boobs and I hate them. Learn to be bigger than your body. You are more than just the skin you wear.

  5.  by  anon

    if a lack of self confidence is your biggest problem in life then i would gladly trade places with you in a heart beat

  6.  by  O

    I used to have very small breasts. After getting pregnant and giving birth they have grown to size E. trust me, this did not change anything in my life. Nobody treats me differently and guys don’t seem to like me more.

    Really, it so doesn’t matter!

  7.  by  Jo

    When you are older, you are going to look back on this and laugh at yourself. I’m not saying that in a hurtful way! What I mean is you will realize how unnecessary it was to waste your time on something like your breasts. There are far worse problems on this Earth and if you think your boobs are the biggest problem in your life, you need to look around. Everyone goes through insecurities, but by stating that you don’t know how much longer you can feel this way, well, then what? What are you going to do? There are girls who have NO boobs but they are happy and have other attributes that they show off so well. Be thankful for what you have. You are beautiful! Never hate yourself for something like not having a certain breast size. It is childish and the world doesn’t need it. Think of what other people lack in life, such as a home or a family or clean drinking water. The people around you do not look at you and see the size of your breasts. No one in your life even remembers what you wore yesterday because it’s not significant. People worry too much about how they are to others. Focus on being a happy, good person to others…that’s more important. If you’re worried about what guys think, who gives a fuck. If they care about your boobs more than you, they are not worth any of your energy and thoughts. LOVE YOURSELF ! Youre a female! GIRL POWER!

  8.  by  Verity

    I was happy with my A cups as a teen, I thought they were like the boobs on the models on the catwalks. Then I had kids, experienced very large boobs and now I have none. I am 29 and have barely the bump of a nipple. I couldn’t push them together if I tried. I’m flatter than most men I know. Please be happy with your small boobs, I can’t even get the sympathy that a masectomy sufferer gets. I just get nothing.

  9.  by  TabithaDiamond

    Big boobs are overrated! I think chicks with little tits are usually WAY prettier than big breasted chicks!!

  10.  by  Al

    Hey, don´t feel that way, here´s a few things you probably should know
    1) taking pictures of yourself where your boobs look desirable will get you attention from guys, but it´s not the kind of attention you want, it just makes them “want” you. By want, I mean it makes them feel like they´d like to sleep with you.
    2) you know what else makes guys want to sleep with you? everything. They might not admit it and act like they only sleep with super hot girls, but guys are easy.
    3) even if you got 300 guys to want you, that doesn´t mean that they will love you at all. The one that will love you will care little about your boobs and a lot about the rest of you. Evreything about you that matters.
    4) I know boobs build a good part of female confidence, but no matter what TV has you believing, not all guys like big boobs
    5) if you had big boobs, they´d be hanging as low as your navel by the time you´re 40, nobody wants that.
    6)I don´t know if you have any faith in a superior being, but if you do, be sure that you are built exactly the way you were meant to be, there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with you. Every single thing about you was designed to be perfect for that one person that was built specifically for you.


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