I promised my family and friends I would come home.

I promised my family and friends I would come home.

I promised my family and friends I would come home.

They don’t know I plan on it being in a bodybag.

14 Comments on “I promised my family and friends I would come home.

  1.  by  Rae

    I felt the same way when I went to Iraq. Seven years later I still wish I had…

  2.  by  Kris

    I wish I could give this person a big hug. 🙁

  3.  by  Chelsea #

    Please don’t. Come home. Hug your family. Love yourself. Please see how precious life is. Please.

  4.  by  Jordan

    Trust me, nothing in life is that bad. I joined the army to go to Iraq to die. Instead it changed my life and gave me something to live for. Just stick it out and you will find the silver lining in any situation

  5.  by  I_m_not_concentrating

    I love you and I want you to look after yourself, even though I know you can’t promise that you can.
    (That was for someone, as well as you, but that can be from whoever you want. I guarantee someone in your life feels this way.)

  6.  by  Ella

    I wish I knew you so I could hug you and tell you how much your presence on this earth is valued. I value you, and I don’t even know you. Please reach out for help.

  7.  by  JustAGirl

    There are people who have chosen life after going thru situations worse than yours. Don’t give up.

  8.  by  Heather

    thing is.. when most people i know sign, and deploy.. they set their mind on coming home in a body bag. its their way to deal. thats okay. if its what gets you home safe.. then its okay to feel that way.

  9.  by  Sweetie

    I can’t believe you think that. I want to bitch slap you, and then wrap you up in a crushing embrace.

  10.  by  0982367

    There’s a Cross in your photo. God’s with your ass. Don’t worry about jack-shit.

  11.  by  ESPost

    Someone at home won’t be okay with just you in a bodybag. They can’t live without you.

  12.  by  Kenn

    You are loved. Please, don’t put your family through the pain, do not be selfish. If you can’t be happy in your own life, make others happy by your appearance and your presence in theirs. You will find happiness in your life, sometimes it just requires a lot of time.

  13.  by  dan

    I never expected to make it through Iraq…sometimes I wish I hadn’t

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