I feel I just want what I can’t have,

I feel I just want what I can't have,

I feel I just want what I can’t have, so I break good hearts over and over for nothing.

8 Comments on “I feel I just want what I can’t have,

  1.  by  fyrecrotch

    i’m the same. i just never realized it so clearly until i read your well put words. thanx.

  2.  by  an8750

    Its a terrible feeling, huh? I’ve been this way for years but try to convince myself otherwise. It doesnt help.

  3.  by  Man eater Mary

    I want them when they aren’t there, at work, we’re miles apart, they aren’t answering the phone or whatever the case. But when They are there I am so critical of every little part of them, so easily annoyed, pissed off, think they aren’t good enough, make everything into a flaw and push them away. They get so confused, but so am I, why do i torture not just them but myself with never being happy or satisfied?One of my x’s is completely in love with me and even though we talk about it he won’t get back together with me because I destroyed him so badly the 1st time, he’s afraid, maybe knows, I’ll do it again. It’s actually a very lonely way to be.

  4.  by  ciera

    There’s a guy I know who needs to realize this and admit it. He has broken more hearts than I can count. I pray every time he meets a girl that she’ll be smarter than I was. She never is.

  5.  by  Heather

    I’m the same way. I’m in a relationship right now with someone I love dearly.. I’m trying so hard to be happy.. but I pick and get angry and disappointed in everything he does. He feels like he isn’t good enough. I’m slowly pushing him away. He’s incredible. He LOVES me. and yet I’m still not satisfied. I’ll probably be alone forever… and still unhappy.

  6.  by  JustAGirl

    One day you will meet someone that you will fall in love with, and they will see how selfish you are & break your heart.

  7.  by  Morrissey

    I have a lingering suspicion that you actually be my ex girlfriend haha. She admitted the same thing on more than one occasion, and I continually let her break my heart. And while I do hold some resentment towards her for it, I can’t ever hate her. It is a disease. It’s a disorder that you need to work on. You recognize the issues. deal with them. but at the same time, if you make real, legitimate, intense bonds with someone, even just for a brief period of time, in my experience, it is always worth it. find what you’re looking for. it’s probably not in another person. It’s probably in you. But in summation, in case my main point didn’t come across, I don’t hate her. And i’m sure these people don’t hate you.

  8.  by  The Same

    I am this way and this secret resonates with me. I can’t have what I want, yet I strive for it. In the mean time casualties pave the path behind me. I will pay for this I’m sure, but still can’t stop my behavior.

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