I don’t know what is “romantic”.

I don't know what is

I don’t know what is “romantic”.

Sometimes I write poems to my girlfriend.

She SAYS they are beautiful.

But in this age of emails, Twitter & Facebook…

I secretly worry that she and her girlfriends…

read them & laugh at me for being silly, sappy, dorky & old fashioned.

14 thoughts on “I don’t know what is “romantic”.”

  1. If her and her girlfriends laugh at them, she doesn’t deserve you. I think its terribly romantic, don’t let them ruin you.

  2. Well if they do then they are immature assholes who don’t realize that life is all about the little things, tell em to kiss your ass 🙂

  3. ditto to what everyone else said. if she laughs then she doesn’t deserve you and you can find someone who does

  4. I still keep the handwritten poems my ex boyfriend wrote me.. And I’ll always have them so I can show my daughter how a real man should make her feel.. Like the most amazing girl in the world.


    i fell in love with my husband because he was silly, sappy, old fashioned & dorky!! It made him REAL and it made him MINE.. today, all my girlfriends say they are jealous when i tell them my husband left me a lipstick note on the bathroom mirror!!!

  6. No. You are the sweetest. She doesn’t deserve you otherwise. You are every bit perfect, just the way you are. Don’t ever doubt that.

  7. Sounds like my boyfriend, and I HOPE that he would never think something like this about me! Even if she is the type of person who gets uncomfortable at sentimentality, she should still appreciate the gesture and let you be yourself, not have an arrogant attitude about it. But please don’t assume the worst. If she says they’re beautiful, trust that’s what she’s thinking until she gives you reason not to.

  8. This is so sweet! I would absolutely love if my boyfriend wrote poetry…
    And she might share them with her friends. But probably to brag about how sweet you are 🙂

  9. The above comments are all true. Writing a poem for someone is like giving them a glimpse of your heart. If she doesn’t love your poems, she doesn’t appreciate your love.

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