I don’t know how to tell my parents..

I don't know how to tell my parents..

I don’t know how to tell my parents that the real reason I’m not graduating in time is because I would ditch school to get drunk and high with guys I barely knew.

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  1.  by  Think Positive

    Dont tell them until it feels right. Now you can see the error in your ways so its time to do right. This is coming from a guy whos main goal in highschool was to skip and smoke weed but there comes a time when its time to do whats right. I am glad i did things the way i did. I am glad i lived in the moment and did what i wanted. I wouldnt change a thing if i could. But i am also very thankful i was able to realize when it was time to grow up. Highschool is an experience you will never get again and you have to make the most out of it. Thats includes the social aspect as well as the educational aspect. But also in the end the social aspect doesnt mean shit when its time to get a job. Enjoy your last summer and get ready to bust ass and do what u need to do. You definitely need your diploma or ged!!!

  2.  by  Steph

    Nothing wrong with that. You made your choice at the time. If school was more important you would have gone a different way. But hey — at least you’re graduating anyway. So you killed two birds with one stone. Nicely done.

  3.  by  Lisa Marie

    I am in the same boat. However, the drinking and smoking were with people who are some of my best friends on the planet, and it was never an awful amount, but it was also to counteract the anxiety and depression I was having. My parents knew what I was doing, but they also knew the causes. They were disappointed that I did not graduate on time, but I am doing it now 🙂

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