I cancelled my child sponsorship…

I cancelled my child sponsorship...

I cancelled my child sponsorship because I’m afraid God won’t give me another child because he thinks I already have one.

7 Comments on “I cancelled my child sponsorship…

  1.  by  Tom McG

    Perhaps God gave YOU to that child. That child needs you…just as the child you will have yourself. I can’t imagine God is counting how many children a given person has. If anything, I would think God is looking at how generous and loving we are. what if your sponsorship was to let you practice being more generous and loving towards a child. What if your sponsorship was a growth opportunity for you? Please don’t believe that you will be punished for doing good things.

  2.  by  anon

    I am barely 18 years old but my biggest fear is infertility. If i ever find out that i can’t have children i will kill myself

  3.  by  Mandya

    Don’t be a dick, most of that money goes to the company amyway. When i worked at my local supermarket, there was a man with a tin for children in africa standing out front. At about midday he came inside and bought himself lunch and cigarettes. I served him. He emptied the tin and paid with the money inside

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