You told me that I have a nasty old-lady vagina..

You told me that I have a nasty old-lady vagina..

You told me that I have a nasty old-lady vagina the day after you fucked ME.

I still want you.

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  1.  by  Jenni

    I don’t know what to say to this one. There are some people in this world who don’t care what they say and how much it hurts. Don’t buy into it. Keep yourself safe and spend time with friends. Take care x

  2.  by  Tom McG

    Yay, Jenni!!! She’s right. As much as you may want him…if he is so hateful of himself and so horrible TO himself that he had to say such a vile thing to another; someone who gave him the gift of intimacy; then he will never be nice to YOU. You are better than that. Even if you must fake it until it is real; look at others…someone better will appear.

  3.  by  Ines

    I’m so sorry a guy could be such a jerk, but he is the one with problems and he is the one with the complex. Just think, was he really that good?? I doubt it. He’s such a jerk, a real man wouldn’t say that. Keep your head high, and try to leave it behind. Easier said than done, I know very well. Pray, it helps!!

  4.  by  Think positive!

    good girls always want these loser guys! if you gave me that gift, I would never treat you or your gift with such disrespect. You, and all women, deserve better than these asshole men can offer these days. It is sad and embarrassing to be a man now because of the bad name boys like that give real men like me. I am sorry you have been hurt so deeply by something like this. You deserve to have a MAN who will treat you with respect and give you the love and support you deserve!

  5.  by  Leanne

    Kick him to the curb. He doesn’t love you or even like you. He has contempt for you.

    Now for the hard part. You are attracted to jerks, and as you get older this is going to be a problem. I’d get introspective about this and figure out how to get a handle on changing your attraction cues. Hint. It means changing yourself.

  6.  by  jess

    “If you gave me that gift, I would never treat you or your gift with such disrespect”

    Gift? Seriously? I’m all for respect, but desperation is not attractive. Not every woman willing to have sex with you is giving you a gift, have some standards please.

  7.  by  Kiki

    Wow; Jess! Lay off of the comment made. Some people don’t sleep with any and every person that comes along. Therefore; sex is considered a “gift” to them. There was nothing desperate about referring to sex as a gift. It sets it apart from ho’ing around.

  8.  by  Tom McG

    Jess, obviously the poster of this secret cares about the guy…she allowed him into her life and her body. If that is not a gift, I don’t know what is. It seems clear that he feels so badly about himself (“Am I a crud and a slut for fucking her?”) and so unsure of himself (“What if I sucked at sex?”) he has to lash out at her. It has NOTHING to do with her!! If you doubt me, ask yourself this…how does he know what a “nasty old lady vagina” looks, feels and tastes like? It is unfortunatel that the poster listened to him and feels bad. It is also unfortunate that she thinks she still wants him. He is SO not worth her time OR her body.

  9.  by  jess

    So basically, according to you Kiki, it’s a only a gift when a certain type of girl sleeps with you? My point was that not every girl who sleeps with you is giving you a gift, so really we are in agreement even if you differentiate by promiscuity, I differentiate on other factors. So you see, your attempts to get all up on your high horse by slut shaming has effectively landed us onto the same page. You don’t know how many people the OP has slept with, wouldn’t it be a slap in the face if the OP has happened to sleep with numerous people, your comment would’ve just made her feel worse. Good job. Pat on the back.

    Tom, oh no, the guy is a prick for sure. And you’re right. He is definitely not worth her time or her body. I am simply pointing out that respect doesn’t necessary mean that one has to absolutely worship the other person, where is the line drawn? Does me giving a guy I like the time of day also a gift? What about a date? What about oral sex? Etcetcetc

  10.  by  Tom McG

    Jess, point taken. I think that IN GENERAL, real intimacy is a gift of sorts especially for females. It has been shown that hormones are secreted during sex and everything else. Does that mean women can’t just enjoy a random(ish) sexual encounter or pick up the phone and make a “booty call?” Not at all. I could easily be wrong but I think the poster thought more of her encounter with Mr. Asshole than just getting laid. But you are quite right on many of the points you make.

  11.  by  Think positive!

    Jess you are a douche. A normal person would use context clues to come to the conclusion that this poster thought of this relationship as more than just sex and was very hurt by the comment. Another thing is that people use this as an outlet to anonymously find reassurance about something that is bothering them. They may not feel comfortable talking to people they know for fear of being harshly judged. Then people like me, who care about people, can comment on said secret and offer a perspective that they may not be able to see in their situation. Although I am very sorry for whatever has happened in your life to cause you to be so negative in situations where it is inappropriate, I have to say that this is not the time nor the place for such comments. I truly hope that when you decide to talk to someone about your problems that they are not as rude as you, nor do they judge you as harshly as you judge other. Also, if you really must know, I am very happy in my relationship. I treat my fiancee like the princess she is. Then again, I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. I honestly don’t care if you think that resembles desperation. I stand by my previous comment!

  12.  by  Leanne

    Funny how Jess comes out with the insults and shaming language at another commenter but bristles at the thought of someone slut shaming . So in your universe, anyone who thinks and holds different values than you is fair game for insults and shaming language but they better not think about doing the same. Nice pedestal ya got there princess.

  13.  by  jess

    Actually Leanne, you, or Kiki or anyone else can do all the slut shaming or insulting of anything you like, as long as you can handle being called out on it. I admit that what I said was offensive to Think positive, but can you handle being called out as a slut shamer, or whatever you choose to insult? Ha

    As for you thinkpositive, thanks for the unnecessary relationship update, if you really didn’t care that I thought your comment showed desperation, then why did you feel the need to update me? I am happy for you though, you sound like a genuinely nice person, and I hope you guys are happy together go the full mile. I’m not advocating that guys should be dicks. If you’re getting married to this girl, of course you should treat her like a princess.

    But women need to take some responsibility for the amount of assholes out there. By still loving men like these, women reinforce that their behaviour is okay, behaviour they will carry to the next woman. By portraying women as these delicate little creatures helpless against poor treatment by men, you’re really not empowering them the way that you think you are.

  14.  by  Leanne

    Jess, the only person who brought up slut shaming in the first place was you, lol. Over sensitive much? Kiki was calling out YOUR shaming language on sex being a gift. Because only desperate guys would think so. Just like only desperate girls would think not, right Jess? Oh wait, it’s only shaming language when WE do it. But not you.

  15.  by  Leanne

    Anyhow, We’re hijacking a thread on this. You’ve made your point that women need to be responsible for their choices. Totally agree with you there.

  16.  by  jess

    Actually Leanne:
    “Some people don’t sleep with any and every person that comes along.”
    “It sets it apart from ho’ing around.” – Kiki.

    What she was doing was setting up a false dichotomy, someone either considers sex to be a gift, or hoes around and sleeps with everyone who comes along. Alright I’m done.

  17.  by  Leanne

    For a large percentage of the population it’s not a false dichotomy. It’s what they believe. Even 1 one night stand is hoing around. Not a mind set that I share.Probably not even the mind set that kiki shares. It’s a form of expression. Even my aspie cousin would have clued into that. And yeah, you’re nit picking. You went on the attack with your “desperate” comment and then got up on your high horse when you got called out. But, but, but, slut shaming….or something. You can dish it, you just can’t take it.

  18.  by  jess

    Ahh I see, so people truly believe that one night stands constitute hoing around, but when people challenge them on it, but.. but.. but.. it’s just a form of expression.. or something. For someone who seems to advocate taking what they dishing out you don’t seem to be doing so well. Yes I was offensive to Thinkpositive, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a twit who can’t handle being called out on. The two are certainly not mutually exclusive.

  19.  by  Tom McG

    I actually have issues with the terms like “slut, ‘ho, whore,” etc. I don’t believe such terms are valid nor do those archetypes exist. There are prostitutes, yes, but I don’t see anyone as a “whore.” Most of these terms are aimed at women who express their desire, their want to enjoy different partners, etc. It disturbs me that women freely use the negative labels with each other (although we are making progress with calling guys “sluts,” “whores,” and whatnot. If we can’t lose the labels, at least spread them around fairly.
    I agree about women taking responsibility for their choices. I think it is unfortunate that our language is actually “set up” against that. The whole concept of sex being done TO the woman rather than with the woman (“…you fucked me…”) is right there in the words we use to talk about and think about these things. But to rip off Dennis Miller…”But hey, that’s just my opinion…I could be wrong!”

  20.  by  jess

    Haha Tom I actually laughed out loud when you said “if we can’t lose the labels, at least spread them around”. Thank you to you and Thinkpositive for not losing your shit when I was being a bitch. Sorry to the OP as well, I wasn’t trying to have a go at you although it probably came across that way, and fyi you really should lose that guy he’s a douche. This whole thread helped me realise a lot of stuff, I wish you guys all the best, although you’ll probably see me lingering around on postsecretarchive.

    Except for you Leanne, thanks for the laughs. I noticed that you’ve commented on almost every single recent postsecretarchive secret, telling the OP what to do. People are not stupid, they don’t need you to “see the light”. Get over yourself and go make some friends.

  21.  by  jess

    One more thing before I go that I should probably make clear. It’s fine to go through all the secrets and make encouraging or sympathetic comments. But you Leanne, are neither of those things. All you do is tell the OP what to do. If there’s anything I’ve learnt through this thread, it’s that people will not take anything you say seriously if they can sense that you’re being a stuck up, know it all about it.

  22.  by  Leanne

    Yep. I can be. But I stick to what I know. Some people want encouragement, others want advice.

  23.  by  JustAGirl

    I don’t know what the other ladies feel about giving themselves to another person, but I respect myself, & you gotta be worthy
    to open MY ‘gift’!!!

  24.  by  The Good Girl

    About the secret(Loving the female solidarity btw) A lot of men are just despicable. A womans sexuality is a powerful weapon and obviously we need it to deal with
    men(more power,less feelings)If you dont use it intelligently, you wont get what you want. Im sure you are beautiful,please dont give him any more of your time.

  25.  by  Ana Blue

    keep this idiot away from your heart and vagina. he does not deserve you, and you don’t really want him. I know you think you do, but trust me- once you find someone who will treat you like you deserve to be treated (ie: like a PERSON and not just an orifice), you’ll wonder what you ever saw in that jackass in the first place. oh, and say something scathing about his penis.

  26.  by  Sean

    It begs the question, how does he know?

  27.  by  Tom McG

    To: The Good Girl

    I hate to say you are right but unfortunately you are on track. I LOATHE the commodification of love and sex that it appears that women are forced into. The whole sexual politics thing is a Gordian Knot. I know I am just simple and naive, but I really do feel a strong connection to my sexual partners and I don’t want things to dissolve into a quagmire of power wielding and weaponry. It is disturbing that seems to be the way of things. I believe in a lot of ways, women rule the roost (or could, if they could get past hang ups, body image problems, in-fighting, etc), I just wish we could accept ourselves on better terms and love and sex would probably follow, ya know??

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