You said you loved me, but you didn’t leave her. You left me…

You said you loved me, but you didn't leave her. You left me...

I was in Colorado the week before I met you…

Who knew it would be the week before everything started…

You said you loved me, but you didn’t leave her. You left me…

I still don’t understand hat happened.

8 Comments on “You said you loved me, but you didn’t leave her. You left me…

  1.  by  Kelly

    I have been there. I don’t know you or him, but if that’s what he did, here is the deal – he didn’t love you, he loved how you made him feel. To him, you weren’t better than “her” – you were just different. I’m very sorry for the pain you are feeling and that he swept you into his mess.

  2.  by  Leanne

    Women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of commitment. It usually helps if you push for a commitment before sex. Since he was already committed to someone else…..

  3.  by  Kaybee

    Leanne, Are you kidding me? Where is that written? NOT HELPFUL!!
    Secret writer, Here is what someone once told me: What happened was universally confounded by absolutely atrocious timing.

  4.  by  Leanne

    @ Kaybee

    If two people love each other and want to be with each other, they will. Period. Even if that means staying in contact long distance. He didn’t want to commit to her. It really is as simple as that.

  5.  by  Dave

    I think that Kaybe was referring to your assumptions about the poster putting out. Your gatekeeper comment is pretty ridiculous too because sometimes guys can be more into commitment and girls into sex…

    To the poster, I’m sorry this happened to you and I agree with “someone”‘s comment about the universe having bad timing. The best we can do is try to learn something from it and play with the cards we are dealt in life.

  6.  by  Leanne

    It’s a general comment. However, it’s rare, even among male teens to make declarations of love without some sexual contact, not necessarily sex. Among adult men, incredibly rare unless there are other factors like religion. And even then, rare in this day and age.

    Yes, there are girls that are more into sex, and guys that are more into commitment. But, even in a feminist society both are looked down on over time. Evolutionary psychology at work.

    Girls or women who give up sex too early or too frequently end up being devalued by it. I personally bristle over this, but I can’t deny that it happens.

    Same with guys who give their commitment too early or too often. Same thing happens. It’s why so many nice guys get friendzoned, and why so many jerks seem to attract women.

  7.  by  Leanne

    I’m puzzled by something that the author didn’t make clear. There are comments making the assumption that the timing was off because of her picture in Colorado. But rereading it, it sounds like she could have met him after her trip.

  8.  by  Al

    I know Leanne’s comment might seem harsh, but it’s true. Even if it’s painful, if you start a relationship with someone who has someone else, and you don’t wait until the previous relationship is over, then you risk being in pain. There will be many times when he will leave you and choose someone else. It hurts, but if he loves you, he will leave anyone else to be with you, you just have to be less flexible on your requirements to be in a relationship. You’d probably break up with a guy if he cheated on you, if you would, then don’t take him in if there’s someone else in his life. Just don’t. If he loves you, then he will meet the requirement. It’s not like you’re asking for something extraordinary or shallow. It’s the least he can do.

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