This morning I cried 3 times…

This morning I cried 3 times...

This morning I cried 3 times…


my hair.






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  1.  by  Tom McG

    I am sorry your hair isn’t “right.” I hope it may help if you remind yourself that others LOVE your hair (and the person wearing your hair)…love it a LOT…just the way it is (and just the way you are).

  2.  by  Leanne

    Unless you are black, yes, your hair can look that way. A good cut and hair color is easy to get.

    I speak from experience. My hair was so bad, it was breaking off in places. Even at the scalp. Every single strand was thin, weak and damaged. I now have strong shiny hair to my waist.

    If it is fried and damaged and not growing in, the best thing is to wash your hair with two eggs in a cup of luke warm water. Wet your hair, and scrub in the cup of eggs and water. Wrap your head in a towel and wash out a half hour later. After you’ve washed out the egg mixture,pour a measuring cup (4 cups water) with a table spoon of honey dissolved in to it. Pour over your hair and let your hair air dry. After three months, I started to notice a difference. By 6 months, my hair was better than the picture shown.

    Shampoo strips your hair and the chemicals can actually cause hair loss. The recipe is how people used to wash their hair in the old days, and the protein from the eggs does wonderful things for your hair, while cleaning away dirt and oils. (Though I stay away from silicone products) The honey repairs and conditions while adding body.

  3.  by  naomi

    There are plenty of people crying because they dont have what you have. There are many things to be gratful for.
    Your body is just a vessel for your beautiful spirit.

  4.  by  Hai

    Just get extensions… Or a weave. Anyone can have that hair for £100.

  5.  by  Itsme

    Most of the comments are about how people think this secret is about how she doesn’t have nice HAIR when I first read it I thought she didn’t have any hair at all because of a disease, but then it would of been written down. That or it’s a boy…but it could be anything as the great thing about these secrets is that depending on who you are, it will mean different things. Only the creator of the postcard will know what the real meaning is.

  6.  by  JustAGirl women CAN have hair like that…

  7.  by  Heather

    omg did that racist say you couldnt have this hair if you were black????????? wtf!!!!!!!

  8.  by  person

    As someone with trichotillomania, I completely understand you…I hope one day I can walk up to someone taller than me without worrying if he/she sees my bald spots…

  9.  by  Jen

    I have hair like that and wish with all my heart that it could be sleek and straight instead.

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