My boyfriend is an alcoholic..

My boyfriend is an alcoholic..

My boyfriend is an alcoholic and I’m pretty convinced he loves beer more than he does me, I want to say something because I worry about him…..

….but I’m also too afraid to ask because he might tell me I’m right.

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  1.  by  Tom McG

    It will be hard, hard, HARD…but ask him. Chances are he will be surprised at what you say. He might very well not realize that is what is happening to him. The good news is it might make him look at things differently and work on changing things for the better (which may be better for BOTH of you). The bad news is he may realize that what you say is the truth and he may decide to “go with it.” As difficult and painful as that will be for you…it will be better for you in the longer run. So talking to him is a win-win for you…even though you may not see it that way for a long time. Good luck, Sweetie.

  2.  by  Marianne

    I dated an alcoholic for two and a half years, and I hate to say it, but you will ALWAYS come second to beer. There is nothing you can do it about. If he wants to change he has to do it himself. It’s really hard believe me, but you gotta do what’s best for YOU.

    Chin up, girl!

  3.  by  JustAGirl

    He definitely loves alcohol more than he loves you, he loves it more than he loves himself, too. That’s how addiction works. The drug hijacks EVERYTHING.

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