I’ve been secretly trying to get pregnant since I was 15.

I've been secretly trying to get pregnant since I was 15.

I’ve been secretly trying to get pregnant since I was 15.

I’m now 21.

I’ve never used protection.

I now worry I’m infertile.

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  1.  by  AnthroGirl

    A long time ago, when I was 18, a boyfriend wanted a baby. For years, literally, we “tried”. More like didn’t use any form of protection. I got pregnant when I was 21. There is something like a 27% chance of getting pregnant on any given month. Doesn’t mean protection shouldn’t be used, but that’s why some people can go years trying before they conceive. My advice to you is to stop trying. Live your life, find someone special, and try with them. Don’t stress about it now. If at a later point it becomes an issue, then you see a Doctor, but live your life and enjoy it. It’s better to have a baby with someone you love and who loves you than anyone.

  2.  by  happymomma

    I secretly wanted to have a baby from the time I was fourteen. I’m 20 now with a beautiful 1 year old. I sometimes wish I would have waited, but given the chance, I wouldn’t change a thing.

    This secret has made me share my secret.


  3.  by  Leanne

    You’re probably not infertile. I’ve known a couple of girls that never used protection and didn’t get pregnant until their mid twenties. I’m more concerned that you’re trying to have a baby before you have your own life set up. Children do not love unconditionally. If that’s what you’re looking for,you’ll only ruin your life and the child’s life.

  4.  by  anon

    If i ever find out that i am infertil, i am commiting suicide

  5.  by  Heather

    it happens for a reason.. you havent found the perfect father. thank your lucky stars you arent with a loser…

  6.  by  sweet t

    I’ve been trying to get a baby abt 3yrs now n I haven’t got any up to now.I’m now 20.my husband to be n I really love each other n I have to bring forth his child in this world!I always wonder why God gives baby to people tht dosent deserve them.n us tht really want it takes a while.Guys plz help me tell me wht u think I should do???

  7.  by  Lindsey

    Read the book “Taking Charge Of Your Fertility” it explains women’s reproduction in detail, in a way that is easy to understand an with methods that are simple to follow.

  8.  by  Jen

    I didn’t use protection for 7 years. All I have to show for it is one miscarriage. I even fail at doing something half the kids in high school managed to do by accident. Now I’m on the pill. I think I’ve pretty much given up.

  9.  by  inpain

    At 16 I had an abortion forced on me because of my family and being too skinny. I now worry that the pain I have during sex with my fiance is my penance for doing it, it only solidified it when 4 obgyn can’t figure it out.
    Because of the pain, and even talking after every month, my fiance keeps worrying that I don’t find him attractive, when it really is I still feel guilty after all these years.

  10.  by  rebecca

    I’ve been trying since I was 13 am now 20 and have had one miscarrage 2 months ago am still trying fingers crossed for all u guys xxxx

  11.  by  punani

    You should be more worried about STIs, ya bareback loving skank.

  12.  by  nunya

    I have 2 kids by girls who couldn’t get preggo for years despite never being on b/c. Patience and the right guy and it just might happen.

  13.  by  jennifromtheblock

    WTF? yall are trying to get pregnant at 13 and 15?

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