I’m so desperate for love that I date fat, crazy girls who abuse me…

I'm so desperate for love that I date fat, crazy girls who abuse me...

I’m so desperate for love that I date fat, crazy girls who abuse me…

because I despise myself so much

that I’m afraid the skinny, normal ones won’t ever give me the time of day.

17 Comments on “I’m so desperate for love that I date fat, crazy girls who abuse me…

  1.  by  V

    Why does crazy = fat?
    Don’t assume that fit or skinny girls are sane. Look for a good personality, even if it isn’t a size 0.

  2.  by  jess

    i took that to mean fat AND crazy, but it looks like someone is getting a little defensive

  3.  by  Hanna

    Wow you sound like an asshole I hope you are alone for the rest of your life

  4.  by  Kelly

    Just because someone is heavy dosent mean that their not normal, the reason they hurt and have their heart broken over and over is because of people like you who Say things like that. Women kill themselves to look a certin way, even the big girls, if you can respect that, you dont deserve a quality woman.

  5.  by  Nola

    They didn’t say the girls were crazy because they were fat. Thry are just crazy. Crazy girls comes all sizes. The important thing here is admitting to abuse and realizing you deserve better, you will find love everybody deserves a safe happy relationship <3.

  6.  by  Leanne

    He means Fat and crazy and abusive. In other words, he doesn’t love himself very much so he dates women who are unattractive on all levels.

    And you’re right. Normal skinny girls wont give you the time of day. Women want confident men. This doesn’t happen by waving a magic wand. You’ll need to work on your confidence. Change how you eat, workout, get good at something that matters to you and that you get recogintion for. (This is to help you not take rejection to heart) Take some acting or improv classes. This will make it easier to approach girls and appear confident. It’s a numbers game. The more approaches, the better you get at not being rejected. Work your way up the attractiveness ladder.

    Check out sites on male style or get a gay friend who is stylish. Take care with your appearance, and check out consignment stores or E-Bay for higher end clothing and accessories.

    Work on your frame of mind. You are the prize. Fake it until your improvements are part of your confidence. Cocky/funny works. Women will test you, especially good looking women. Be ready with witty comebacks. Learn the art of teasing insult. It’s a push pull thing that builds attraction.

    Practice to get your confidence up. Every girl you meet, practice your charisma. That doesn’t mean ask for their numbers, save that for the club.

    Get interesting friends. Build an interesting life. Quality girls will look for social proof. Show it. Do not be seen with ugly girls. Mopeds, you know what I mean? Your value will be lowered in the eyes of attractive women if they see you with unattractive girls.

    Set limits and boundaries. Do not put up with bad behavior. Especially from women. Your value goes down. Do not be a male slut, your value goes down. Male sluttitude is a little different than female sluttitude. A woman who gives up sex too early or has had too many sex partners sees her value go down. A man who gives his commitment too early or too easily sees his value go down.

    These things will help you feel better about yourself, but they will not make you love yourself. Therapy should be considered to get to the bottom of your issues so that you can change beliefs and behaviors that are causing you to feel un loved.

    Cheers from a girl actually trying to give good advice instead of getting insulted by the fat comment in your post.

  7.  by  Logan

    If you despise yourself, the last thing you need is a relationship. The only sure cure I have found for self loathing is a relationship with Christ. He loves you unconditionally and will teach you how to love yourself and others…not necessarily in that order.

  8.  by  Lynn

    Your self loathing and desperation will continue to push all but the sickest folks away from you if you keep projecting your judgment and contempt onto those you choose to engage with. Please get yourself some professional help.

  9.  by  lovenotwar

    This made me want to cry because it reminded me of the person I’m in love with…consider that, because if I can’t help him, maybe my words can help you.

  10.  by  Jane

    I’m sorry you feel this way. You DO deserve to find real love, and so do the abusive women you are dating. We all do. I know how hard it can be to love yourself after an abusive relationship (10 years later I still can’t), but you ARE a good person and you DO deserve happiness. Please get away from these self destructive patterns and stop dating women who hurt you. You can be alone for a while, learn to love yourself, and one day, someone real will be able to love you too.

  11.  by  Heather

    normal does not mean skinny.. fat dies not mean crazy. truth be known.. the “skinny” girls i knew.. and i was.. had a lot to hide….. it was the fat girls who loved themselves, and had move to offer……

  12.  by  Candice

    I think people are focusing on the wrong part like before I think he means fat AND crazy. I dont think he was implying skinny girls are saner than fat girls, so dont get your panties in a bunch. The fact you feel that way makes me feel a little sad for you, but i believe your situation is something people with low confidence go through. You should boost your confidence and smile. It takes time to love yourself and just yourself. You shouldn’t date or mislead those girls you date because you don’t much regard yourself at a high place than you do them it isn’t very nice or fair to anyone.

  13.  by  Joseph


    You sound like a superficial idiot who thinks very highly of her vain preoccupations. Do the world a favor and never offer advice again. Cheers from a guy who can think a bit beyond the instinctual level. Dumb bitch.

  14.  by  Marley

    I will say from much personal experience, fat women have a tendency to be crazier/meaner for no reason. I’ve witnessed it on many occasions both towards myself, friends and people I’ve seen. Not all fat women but the craziest ones I’ve seen where really fat. Always wondered why

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