I sometimes wish that I had an illness..

I sometimes wish that I had an illness..

I sometimes wish that I had an illness so that people would spend more time with me and care more.

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  1.  by  mrsconfused

    i use to wonder what it’d be like to have a illness and fight it and win so i could know what its really like to live everyday like it was my last

  2.  by  PA Mary

    Or you can opt to be a better, stronger person. It’s possible I promise. You can do it.

  3.  by  Logan

    My Mom got cancer and chemo put her in the nursing home. Some people that I know love her don’t come to see her just because it’s too hard for them. You don’t want something like sickness to be the reason people want to be around you. Be a good friend, look for people to help. Smile. Visit the lonely. Help the needy. Give to those who need. Love the unloveable. Love love love and it WILL be returned in ways and by people you would never expect if from.

  4.  by  Paul

    I used to make myself sick so that people would include me in their lives out of pity. I needed attention and love and didn’t know how to ask for what I needed. I was diagnosed with HIV in September, and I have never felt more alone. Be careful what you wish for … If you need love, ask for it. You’d be surprised who might show up. I would.

  5.  by  Audrey

    I have an anorexia nervosa, osteopenia, OCD, severe depression, anxiety disorder, and PSTD. Believe me, sometimes you just wish everyone would leave you alone. There’s a difference between paying attention because they think you’re important and paying attention because they pity you.

  6.  by  koko

    Sometimes, even when you are sick or have an illness, does it mean people will spend time with you and care. And often, it means they will be much less. I know.

  7.  by  Pebsmom

    At the age of 8 until I met my second husband at 34, I used to secretly wish I would get badly hurt or sick so my mother would show she cared and loved me and not ignore and ridicule me as she always did. My husband showed me I was beautiful, loving, giving, and made me feel absolutely wonderful and I stopped speaking to my mother in 1995. She died in Sept. 2012 without ever once trying to speak to me even though I reached out to her numerous times to tell her I forgave her for how she treated me my whole life. She showed me how to be a great mom by being such a monster to me. realize her not loving you is HER fault, not yours. It took me half my life and a wonderful man to show me that I loved her all I could, the rest was up to her. I have been the happiest woman for the past 23 years and have 2 of the most wonderful children and a grandson, 1 month old. My son shows his new son such love that I cry when I think about what a great life that little boy will have compared to mine and I thank God I was able to teach my son and daughter to love even thogh I was never shown that by my mother.

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