I miss how being with you used to feel…

I miss how being with you used to feel...

I miss how being with you used to feel..

And I just wish I could finally move on…

7 Comments on “I miss how being with you used to feel…

  1.  by  me

    i get that xxx i’ll never fully move on xxx

  2.  by  Kate

    This could be my secret! I feel like this also.

  3.  by  Tom McG

    I wonder a lot about “moving on.” I, too, miss many things from former friends and partners. Those are the things about them and our connection that made them special. I think the whole idea is to NOT lose those parts of US. As difficult as it is to actually do, we need to strive to open our minds to allow new experiences in and then bear the added burden of trying not to compare. You miss how you felt after a given amount of time and a unique period of intensity. NO new experience can stand up to such a comparison, so you have to notice what you are doing and keep saying to yourself “Oh, I’m comparing again,” then focus on looking at the new and waiting…giving it time to develop in a new special experience or to fail. Good luck…you will most likely have to essentially “fake it until you make it.” It will happen. Hang in.

  4.  by  anonymous

    I hear ya!!! It’s been years, and I’m even married to a wonderful man now – but I miss my ex and think of him often. I wish I didn’t.

  5.  by  Mrie

    I agree, some people just leave a permanent mark on your life. No matter what, there will always be something that is missing. However, being only 24 now, I’ve learned that it becomes easier in time, the memories or at least the impressions of the memories last and they give the most beautiful smile.
    In that way accepting the fact they’ll always stay in your heart and missing them is also moving on.

  6.  by  ML

    I know how you feel. Chin up, it’ll only get easier.

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