I don’t SMILE cause i’m happy.

I don't SMILE cause i'm happy.

I don’t SMILE cause i’m happy.


i have NO idea why i smile.

6 Comments on “I don’t SMILE cause i’m happy.

  1.  by  Fullofsecrets

    I’m the same… my boyfriend actually reckons the song Absolutely by Nine Days is about me because I’m so depressed… that’s one of my secrets that I’m depressed but only my boyfriend knows the truth… keep smiling babe 🙂

  2.  by  Jane

    It is better to be smiling for no reason than waiting for a reason to smile. A smile will bring a smile from others. Even if you don’t feel happy, you are probably bringing happiness to the lives of others through your smile. Take courage from that, and please keep smiling 🙂

  3.  by  Jen

    I smile when I’m nervous. I do it so much people even ask me why I’m smiling. They say that if you’re in a bad mood, smiling can help change it for the better. Yeah. Right.

  4.  by  GiGi

    Depression………. Well it sucks. This might sound bad but sometimes I wish that I had anorexia instead. Because:
    1.Better understanding from those with no mental disorders
    2. You seem to recover quicker once you decide to.

    I’m not tryin to say anorexia is easier to live with, I’m sure its hell.
    This is a personal feeling and yes I do think neither would be best but I wish there were such things as intense mental health places for depression like there are for eating disorders

  5.  by  Me

    You have a beautiful smile. I dont know if that means anything to you, but its true.

  6.  by  alwayssmiling

    I’m the same way, I’ve had people compliment it (dimples) and people think I’m nuts (I smile when I’m mad sometimes).
    The best thing I found to cope is in poker, no one will figure out your tell if they think you are happy about your cards!

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