Even though I’m thinking of you..

Even though I'm thinking of you..

Even though I’m thinking of you


I can’t help but yell out your best friend’s name.

4 Comments on “Even though I’m thinking of you..

  1.  by  Sorry means you will change

    you can help it. this isnt a secret, this is just you letting the world know you have no self control.

  2.  by  Leanne

    Reverse it. If someone kept doing that to you, would you really think that they couldn’t help it. Would you think that they were using your body while thinking of someone else? (Or power tripping)

  3.  by  deformedlizards

    I get where the secret holder is coming from. even when I’m totally thinking of my boyfriend when we’re having sex, sometimes I feel an urge to yell out someone else’s name. someone I’m not even attracted to. but I’ve sat down and talk to my boyfriend about it. he understands me. and I love him even more for it.

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