My friends are all that keeps me from relapsing…

My friends are all that keeps me from relapsing...

My friends are all that keeps me from relapsing

And they dont even know I have a cocaine addiction.

4 Comments on “My friends are all that keeps me from relapsing…

  1.  by  laura

    sometimes its easier to not tell your friends because they are the only ones who will treat you the same no matter what but if they knew they would probably be worried and watch you like a hawk. But if they find out by any other means that you are addicted other than you telling them, they are likely to be very hurt that you couldn’t trust them to tell them.

  2.  by  Jim Oliver

    If that’s all that’s keeping you from relapsing then I would have to say you are well on your way towards a relapse. If you really are serious about recovery, then you’d best get your ass to an N.A. or A.A meeting and find a sponsor and work the steps. Otherwise, keep bullshitting yourself and anyone stupid enough to listen to you and have a “good” life.

  3.  by  Don Lencho

    I bet you think you are some kind of tough love guru (yes I made assumptions about you, as you have about the poster). While your advise about AA or NA and a sponsor are useful, you don’t have to be a dick about it. Friends, family and associates are a HUGE part of recovery and sobriety. I say this after over 10 years of being a drug court judge and 35 years of sobriety.

  4.  by  Jim Oliver


    No I don’t consider myself any kind of a guru but I have been clean and sober for more than a few 24 hours. Friends, family and associates can be of help but usually are huge enablers out of ignorance and love. If you really were a drug court judge you should have known this. Alchoholics and addicts connive and manipulate and seek out people that will allow them to continue their destructive patterns and behaviour. Any one that really “Wants to” get clean will have to do it for themselves and yes with help, but from people that have gone through the recovery process themselves. Sugar coating and enabling serves absolutely no purpose but to allow the addict to not hit bottom and that is a huge dis-service to accord to anybody. I can’t fix anybody nor do I pretend I can but I can and do offer my strength, hope and experience which is basically all that AA or NA ask one to do if it is asked for, but I’m certainly not going to work harder for someone else’s sobriety than they are willing to work for themselves. Following your advice, many people with the best of intentions would have a big hand in a lot of peoples continuing addiction and all the pain that goes with it. So I’d rather dish out some tough love and risk being perceived as a “dick” and cut to the chase than feed the beast. I mean, if you do have 35 years of sobriety have you spent any of them in meetings?

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