I am a stripper at night.

I am a stripper at night.

Im 19. I am a paralegal and my dad is a well known lawyer.

I am a stripper at night.

It makes me feel beautiful and free. the only thing keeping me going to my office at the firm is my dad cause I would hate to break his heart if he ever found out.

I plan on keeping both jobs and never telling him.

7 thoughts on “I am a stripper at night.”

  1. I’m 19 too . I can understand you. I’m an erotic masseus and I’ve never felt so happy and free and beautiful of my whole life. This is the one thing I’ve never regretted so far.

  2. i also plan on keeping the job . the money is great and the confidence is even better

  3. Dance,dance,dance… my dads ashamed of my tattoos, ive got over 40 so far… and im going to ink,ink,ink. because it makes me feel beautiful and free,sexy and powerful. yay for us

  4. I’ve gone to sex parties and held naked parties myself and nothing makes me feel better about myself – but I have been judged by other friends who don’t understand how beautiful and good it feels to feel confident, sexy, and comfortable in your barest skin

  5. I danced for about 3 months, because I desperately needed the money. People at school started raising suspicions, and I could have gotten my scholarships revoked so I stopped. My boyfriend will never know. But I miss it terribly…

  6. Keep doing what makes you feel beautiful! I have thought about being a dancer myself, but honestly, I lack the confidence and comfort in my own skin.

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