Post Date Jan 8

I cheated on you

, the boy I want to marry, with someone I dont see a future with…..

Because I’ve never been with a guy who didnt hit me, stalk me, compromise me or continuously put me down…

the constant happiness made me anxious.

Now I realize my issues hurt you just like they hurt me.

Post Date Jan 8

I am in love with love

…but too scared to fall in love again.

Post Date Jan 8

I’m afraid I’ll end up alone

but I’m also afraid to take the risk

Post Date Jan 8

My dad ruined my emotional state when I was young and growing up

I told my dad I HATE him and I have blanked him out of my life.

When really I LOVE him more than any of my family who are BETTER to me than he ever was.

Post Date Jan 8

Everytime I see the door unlocked,

I feel the urge to run into traffic.

I hope I’ll get hit.

Post Date Jan 8

I shouldn’t of left you….

Because I most likely won’t ever get you back….

I can’t get you out of my head…..

Post Date Jan 7

I’m letting go of all the things that cause me to be unhappy.

right now.

and from this moment on, I will be happy.

Post Date Jan 7

I tell myself that I’m not pretty, I’m worthless….

You saw my notebook yesterday morning.

i don’t love me.

and that’s how i understand why you don’t either.