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  2. I’m still very much in love with the same girl since she was 11 years old.Now she is 13,and I am 28.

  3. Well… if you’re the same age, maybe you should go for it. Unless circumstances are in the way.

    Just saying, similar thing worked out for me.

  4. I am totally in love with this guy for 5 years and he broke up with me for no reason that I know. Can you suggest something I should do?

  5. Been dating this guy for 5 years and he broke up with me and he won’t tell me why. Can you suggest something I could do?

  6. Shirley, Move on. Letting go is such an oxymoron. There is no way to just let it happen, you have to mentally stop yourself and painfully endure a year or two of what seems like forced hermitage and then you’re over it. And that’s when you start to realize that even the fact that you loved someone, that you were connected to someone through a very human relationship, was the only delusion you had left and that, now, you’re truly alone. But such is the way of life, I guess.

  7. Ok so here I go with trying to get myt emotions out … I feel again kinda out of place but this isnt what me and my plan was due to the nature of all of this… I have not felt like he wants me to be here… the reason its so hard for me to leave is beause no matter what I say or didi while he was locked up is over.. I wish he could live in the now and see that I am nottrying to do all that again. Now he sits and I feel as if he mentaly abuses me and I never did want that at all from him. All I wanted him to do is love me.. again today he put his hands on me and from my life experiences this is just a backstab.. I even try and look past all the insevureities and sevond.. I fell like is is ignoring the way in which I feel or when I feel my body doing weird things I always try and dsee what he is saying but then when I repeat it back he makes me feel like I dont eben have a clue to life and that my belifes and ideas are all wong…. anything that is happening in my head he looks for something wrong with me on the internet even though what is going through my head is not what is in my hear… I dont know anymore.. I know I am a good person and everyone had done some bad things in their life but when I try and explain the ethings of which I feel with my body… including moles and freckles that are out of place its like microdermals under my skin with a hair wire for a recepter and with.. also later in the night I also take notice to a few odd and end things that catch my eye.. reflections seem to be the new thing… the other night I seeen eyeballs in the screen of the computer when we were watchin a movie.. also shadows seem to linger around in the dark hours too… its when I stare at something its like my vision is blurred but my parrifials are ok…. sometimes things seem to be other things… and I mistake a lot these days…
    and when I voice my opiniion he dosent seem to listen or anything when he does I think it goes in one ear and out the other… when I say I figured out a switch thing… which includes… the patterns in which I have become very easy to spot… I have now also became accomidated .. be it a dog bark.. a subway… train… car… or movement of handsi have also notives viedeos are not as I remembered I say this because of some the eyes and heads are different… facial features… including him
    I see eberything in him.. I say this because of smellls or eeys.. also hair that the hair line is a very unmistakeable… when I look at his hair I see my step fathers hairline… also when I look at books certain things or words jump out to me… when I say this I mean what I am reading is relavent to my life and what is occuring… I am very confused person when its coming to my mind and emotions.. I am truong to understand my brain and my soul while trying to incorporate the things in which makes us to be us..
    all the things we used to talk abot we dont anymore.. we dont look up fun really we only look up what is wrong with my head… I am so lost in feeling this way… how do I pick myself up from this emotion… when I fell put down I know I have a mouth that sometime… welll most the time… gets loud and disrespectful.. but the rage in which he lashed out( as minor as it may be) was still not ok in my eyes… where is the sweet person I had around.. that would do anything to make me smile.
    Did I really kill me inside.. I feel like it… I feel like he is trying to get me out of the house… just to see if I would really walk away… I know that to come back to cali and be with him is what I really had set in my heart… but now I sit and then I think … then rethink.. then super rethink… and my own decisions I come up with are just plain double guessing your own self.. I wanted to incorporate his view with mine on the matters at hand but the only thing his view is on is that I am just plum crazy or a narsissist… … I wsh he would play something differnet.. I know tht things that are being said about me are no me… here I sit and hear this.. while I am feeling penitrated… spiritually or being licked on by dog… or something … I can honestly say that with my own two eyes I have no real danger put in front of me… par saying that the things that I have made up in my head I can not link to him…. but then again when I explain things to a certain extent.. and I see him doing thte same thing.. I cant help but to think he has something going on with it… but in my mind.. I dont want to think the things I am about him… like.. a incedent… I burned myself with a pipe.. one of which consist of only one hole.. but then again in a few days when I look at the wound I realize it not only has one hole but three… or how I link together my moles and freckles marking these switches… chakra points.. even the movements I have taken notice to from him.. he seeming gets aggressive and finds a way to shut down my thought process.. and in doing so I often forget my trail of thought… I cant get my thoughts together.. also I dont want the feeling of being stuck but I would never want the emotion of running around aimlessly again. When I explain the emotions that are giong through my body with him… and that I feel like ai am being penitrated its the fact that he just mearly blows me off.. also I hear voices within my ear.. somewhat of like a distant sound… if I close my eyes and I see nothing my ears are better.. I hear very clear… I amlso notice things in the house that reminds me of my mothers house.. he is like trying to make me look my mind but then again is trying to find my sould pieces back together as well.. I want a guardian a higher calling to protect my soul and mind.. also the body… I need this to watch over me because I suck the fat cock of life and cant even decide what is is that I want from ,myself.. I see that I am just stuck in a hole it seems… and he says things that make me believe I am just a fucking piece of shit… uggg.. nm…
    its like a relm of weidness of selling a woman.. I say this because its like a man can download a app on his phone and the microdermals that is what I am calling these swiches is a wired transmitter that a controll and has gained or can trade a female.. feelings that is… I also take notes of the clicks and scrolls on the computer…. to my thoughts and my body I am lost in these thougts a lot… and hope its not that .. I hope not because that would just make me seem crazy.. but then again… here I sit and realized that I feel like when my mouth is open or something of the sort.. I have a dick in my mouth… I feel like I am cumming or getting touched on … wow thats crazy.
    In my mind like this .. I want to share this with him but I also find that what he eats or smokes ifeel the effect to.. what I eat or anything goes to him.. its like noticing the things that go uoticed and people may seriously underestimake tht power of the human mind
    like number 1 I put on my black pants today from when I peed this morning… and I found my belt in my blue jeans… when in fact I had on swear pants but then again idk.. could of mistaken that.. I over think a lot… but this is truly like a weirdness.. and then I wonder if he I sgetting paid for the sexual favors that I am feeling… and my eyes are just blocked from seeing things.. but my shadow tells me things.. and so do other things…

    weird marking o my body lead up and make sence.. I have tested this theory.. marking the simularities in the time.. moles and pimples… and how my bracklets move up and down my arm.. when I feel something penitrating.. and he makes a noise or he clicks and something also in this.. I realize what is the connections and it feels like a type of program and I dont want to believe… smell do remind me of things… rabbit cage.. dog food cat box grapes my mom hair dryer sheets laundry soap dog smell.. spit… astrolub.. and his and I sex.. if it consist of me licking my lips he auto matically sees it as a turn on… with the eyes.. facial seen.. everythought projects a image and it makes me double look and be wird like… I need help in seeing what is giong on I need a guide someone who would help in in the serch for ansers but while in doing so also ienjoying being around me… I use to think he did… god if only I wouldnt of believed in him so much I would not have these thoughts planted into my head.. and no seeds would of started… and wonder a movie theater.. its of what a view on the wold but this is the crazy part.. if I wrote it all out like this it would make even more sense to others and cause them to look in on the othe subject.. its like jail but I am asleep and interrigated when all I wanted was to aquire a house and start a family with this man.. and with all my senses fucked up I cant seeem to get a grasp on reality and whats not real… and this is why I asked for a savior … I request a protecter of the emotional state at which I have my mind stalled for at the moment on… if there s a god I dont demand but I utterly request a guardian.. a mother or a father… to guide me through my life choices and someone that accepts me for me.. and all my past… and dosent tlook to make me what made me… me… why is it penitrating my bodyy…

    I request to close the door between the two and let me be me.. and you be you..
    and by you I mean my guardian my uplifet my holding hant to my sould retrial please send me some aid in my desprate need.. because I fell like I lost everything and the I wanted to make my everytihng wont let me go off my past … if my nose and mind and eyes were together maybe me and him would be better.. please take th monsters out of this world the evil that is upon my soul… and maybe others…also I feel like I loose time do to the type of lights that are around me.. this came to effect when I started keeping tracks of time… also I realized these penitrating moments last 7,15,30 or a hour long depending on how long I can hold of the very aggressivly approach to my inner temple…

  8. I don’t understand anything of this last post, but I do have a comment to John. I think you should be careful of thinking everyone is the same. Not everyone is able to fall out of love, as you think you are. I have been in love with the same man since 92. He cannot be monogamous, so we can’t be together, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still love every single other thing about him, even the broken parts. And that doesn’t mean I am alone in the world. 11 years ago I married someone who love me unconditionally and we have 3 gorgeous, precious children. My life is not perfect, no one’s is. What we can do is aim as close as we can, and treasure each day as much as we can. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it hurts like hell, but if not having my true love is the worst thing that happens to me, I consider myself blessed.

  9. Ive been in love with the same guy since ’07. He never wanted me so I moved on. Found someone better. Yet I can’t help myself and still think about him. Wondering what if me and him would have somehow worked out. I’ll never know

  10. The guy I’ve been in love with for the past year is munching with his mouthful 24/7 and it’s driving me insane.

  11. i have been in love with a guy since i was 14 years old, i love him so much that it is becoming unbearable.

    i didn’t approach him because he always was in a relationship with some one and i am not a bitch to break people up.

    i got married with a narcissistic controlling man, that i love in a weird way.

    but i cant get over him.

  12. Fanaa, You are married now, you will eventually have to get over him.

    Maybe tell your husband about this ( don’t forget to mention you love your husband or he might go crazy ), i believe your husband will take matter into his own hands, he will put more efforts on your married life. Be open to your husband because he is the only one who was, is and will be close to you, through out your relationship. Love is the Ultimate Power!

    [ Remember your crush had multiple girlfriends so you stand nowhere in his life But you are one and only one wife for your husband! ]

    few years back, I had a BIG crush on a girl. she was very beautiful and intelligent but just like your story she was in relation with another boy( they were in relationship for 5 years then and they are still committed to each other #RESPECT ) I never talked to her. just a secret crush.

    It was very difficult for me to move on. My friends advised me to move on.

    After few months I came to know the girl who was always disguised as my friend for such a long time, LOVES ME.

    Things changed very quickly. i love my girlfriend very much and she loves me too . She knows everything about my crush. My GF sometimes gets jealous and when she gets jealous, she loves me more 😉

    I hope I helped you

    – your little brother 😉

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  14. So am I, and I’m 54. I shouldn’t have rushed into marrying someone else. He was the man I was supposed to marry. I still think of him all the time.

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  18. Knut Pedersen just in case you see this you should tell her how you feel if she feels the same trust me I know from experience

  19. I am 17 years old and I was born in the wrong era. I hate technology and I love everything 70’s. I hate new cars, modern day fashion, and all these fancy and complicated new ideas in the world. & I am obsessed with bell bottoms.

  20. Knut Pederson

    If she’s really 13, and you’re 28, you’re considered a pedophile in the U.S.. You need to back off and let that little girl grow up like she should.

    I know from experience! I’m a victim of an older man who claimed to love me. Knowing he could go to jail when I got pregnant at 15, he ran and denied my child.

    Please leave that little girl alone, she’s really not old enough to understand all that you’re feeling.

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