18 thoughts on “I think your husband is a jerk”

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  2. I have never met her husband. I only have what she tells me to go on. But I believe what she says and don’t think she exaggerates (She doesn’t have a great history with choices of men). I listen to her tales and think “You would be SO much better off with me!” So, yes, I do love her. Very much. She is younger than I am and I am probably not the best fit for her. But I would be better than he is. He is another in a string of the stray, broken puppies she tends to get involved with.

  3. I had a friend who was in love with me and I was getting married. He told me his feelings. I still got married. Not only did I break his heart, I lost my best friend. And think I made a wrong choice. I think about him all the time. But he refuses to talk to me. I don’t blame him.

  4. I fell in love with the woman of my dreams, and we were best friends, but she told me that’s all I was to her. She married someone else. He’s a good guy, though, probably a better man than me. While I’m thankful that she’s happy and loved, I long for her terribly and would give up everything to be hers. I can’t bear to see her because it breaks my heart to be reminded of how beautiful she is and all the reasons I fell in love with her.

    I can only imagine how much worse it might feel if the man she married was a jerk. But there’s a terrible, selfish part of me that wishes he had been a jerk so I could cling to the hope that she might leave him. And so I wouldn’t feel like he’s the better version of me.

  5. Love is always better when you cant actually obtain it. I think that it is a mistake to get in between anyones marriage. If its true things will gradually not work out with the other person but you cant expect and intervene in someones life like that just because its what you want. Stay true.

  6. I’m like the woman in this. I picked the wrong one out of two choices. I regret it every day, because I think I lost what I always wanted to have- someone I could have stupid conversations with and laugh with. I tried a couple of times to break up with my now husband telling him I wanted someone else, but he got so upset so I felt had and stayed. I always pick the wrong moments to be unselfish and a coward.

  7. To go by what she shares with you is silly bro. Chances are she knows you love her and she enjoys the attention and biased support. Pining over someone who most likely if the tables were turned hypothetically would share the particulars of her relationship with you in just as cavalier a fashion.

    In a mature relationship a couple upholds the sanctity of their union and if a need arises for intervention, would choose profession or spiritual guidance.

  8. I’m a firm believer that everything works out for a divine reason. I was best friends with a man who thought he wanted to marry me when I was younger and I didn’t know he had those feelings at the time. We ended up reuniting later in life as friends, we were both married to other people. It was a wonderful friendship that took a turn into murky waters of feelings that started to go beyond friendship. Luckily, in the end no major harm was done, and my friend and I realized we had treaded down a path that just wasn’t right. For whatever reason, that relationship was/is a test in my opinion. It’s one of those multifaceted experiences where you learn more than one lesson. I learned there’s more than one person out there that you can be attracted to and love and possibly have a life with, but I also learned that there’s a reason I chose my husband at the time and – you love who you choose. He’s a good man and I respect the love and commitment that we made to each other. Part of me was very ashamed I let myself love someone enough to make me question my relationship with my husband. It was a good lesson learned, and an experience that I will be extremely wary of in the future. Marriages are hard work, and they are a rollercoaster of ups and downs, highs and lows of love and life. My old friend caught me at the first low I had ever encountered in my many years of marriage and looking back I feel ashamed I wasn’t stronger. That said, had it been anyone other person than this particular friend I probably wouldn’t have faltered, but I’d had such a strong connection with him before, it all came flooding back. Those early euphoric feelings of romantic head over heels love dissipate in every marital relationship and grow into a much more mature love. But, it always feels good to feel those feelings again, and I unfortunately got caught up in it and felt responsible for fueling it at times by keeping the constant communication going. I am glad we didn’t make any huge mistakes beyond talking to each other. But, as a warning, never underestimate the intimacy of even talking too intimately with one another, even if it’s just about your day-to-day lives, etc. It develops into much more, very quickly. You begin to want to tell that person everything, enjoy his/her company, soon inhibitions in the things being said are set free. Emotional affairs are very easy to fall into, and they can be every bit as damaging. Thoughts become actions all too easily. Had anything happened, we both would have regretted it and our friendship would have been ruined. We aren’t nearly as close now, even though I will always cherish that unusual bond, it is for the best the way things are now. For whatever reason, we are married to other people and they are good people whom we both love and that is where our focus should be.

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  14. I say tell her… give her this post card annonymously… If I got one, If search out who of my friends it was…
    I married a good guy who turned bad, and I’m too scared to walk away, but if someone said they loved me and had my back would help me stay safe and away from him I’d leave him right this moment

  15. I once told my best friend in 8th grade when I could tell he wasn’t ready, that we should just stay friends…
    But I’ve always been in love with Jon.
    Impressed he’s become such a good man, when I’ve fallen so far saving the bad string of stray puppies of abusive men in my life.
    I wish this was Non teaching out to Deana but it probably isnt so…

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