Maybe if I was skinny..

Maybe if I was skinny..

Maybe if I was skinny, I would have friends.

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  1.  by  K

    Honey, you ARE skinny. Take a look around you, super models aren’t the norm. Dig deep and find out whatever causes you to have a negative body image and tackle it!

  2.  by  nope

    Maybe if you were confidant and not searching for attention you would have friends.

  3.  by  Tracy

    If you succeeded in getting those friends solely by being skinny, then they’re not friends worth having, trust me. Definitely search your heart for some self-confidence and self-esteem like the others said, and don’t settle for fake or shallow friends!

  4.  by  O

    I’m skinny. And I do not have many friends. Those that I do have, do not care about my dress size!

    Actually being skinny might even make finding friends more difficult – girls can be jealous and hateful.

  5.  by  JOanne

    Oh my goodness, it’s not about your weight i think it may be because of your confidence. Love yourself and others will also.

  6.  by  Kate

    Oh hon, I’m heavier than you are and I do have friends <3 just have the confidence to try new things, and friends will follow. have hope.

  7.  by  Taylor Elizabeth

    You aren’t fat! There’s nothing wring with your body, the next step down would be stick-skinny, and your body now is the body of a thin WOMAN, thin but with the natural curves that come with being a girl. Embrace what you are, because what you are is lovely.

  8.  by  sharleen

    you do have a friend, all the way in South Africa and i think you have a great body

  9.  by  Sarah J

    I’m skinny and I barely have any female friends. I usually hang out with guys; girls hate you for the stupidest reasons. You’re not fat btw just learn how to dress your body in a way that you will carry yourself more confidently. Also something as simple as standing up straight with your shoulders back makes your stomach look flatter.

  10.  by  Kate

    This is the same thing I think every time I look in the mirror. I’m not “searching for attention”. Maybe if I didn’t have an Eating Disorder, I would have friends.

  11.  by  Ella

    Kate- Then go get treatment for your E.D. I’ve been in treatment for 12 years. No one can solve your problems but you. I don’t know about you, but my E.D really has NOTHING to do with my weight although that is what I fixate on. My anorexia has to do with severe depression and anxiety disorders -as do MOST E.D’s.

    We don’t know if the individual in the photo has an E.D. Even if they do, one should learn that real friends care nothing about what you look like or weight. I made the best friend I have ever had when I was so sickly thin that I looked hideous.

    I will comment that yes, Kate, maybe your E.D is getting in the way of having friends. It is very isolating and many people avoid us. It can be hard for friends to want to be around us when we fixate on food/exercise/sadness/self-loathing. But once again, you’re talking about YOU. The girl in the photo may have a E.D, but if she does, it is not obvious. The fact of the matter still remains- you probably don’t want any friends who only like you because you’re skinny.

  12.  by  Steph

    Uh, you are clearly looking into a distorted mirror. You are slim. Friends generally like these “conversation” and “being able to relate to your mind” things.

  13.  by  Annie

    I just lost 14 kg’s in 12 months, I’m 5’1 and it really shows. Looking great! Thought I’d be happy when I’m skinny, now that I’m skinny I realize that I have much bigger problems to deal with. From your pic I can see that you have bigger problems too, your body is slim.

  14.  by  Nefera

    O.M.G are you serious? Honey you are slim but if you want to be slim you also have to be toned and you have got to have a good mind about it too. It also sounds like you’re attention seekeing. I know this from experience. Stop complaining and just have a great mind and not being self concious about your body.

  15.  by  A

    I wish more people would realise that this is not attentin-seeking. Its an anonymous secret that clearly weighs on the poor girl’s mind heavily enough for her to feel the need to express it. Respect please. It’s not fun to hate your body.

  16.  by  A

    I wish more people would realise that this is not attention-seeking. Its an anonymous secret that clearly weighs on the poor girl’s mind heavily enough for her to feel the need to express it. Respect please. It’s not fun to hate your body.

  17.  by  olly

    I weigh about 80 pounds more than you do, and I have several amazing friends.

    It’s not your weight. Maybe it’s just that you haven’t met the right people yet.

    Thin or fat, it doesn’t change the person that you are inside. People who love you for your body alone are not friends.

  18.  by  Jason Mckandia

    You have issues, that you need to work on sweeite. Its not about your outside thats the problem. Its your inside. Looking deep inside and see the beauty that you are. You are amazing, all by yourself.

  19.  by  Ash

    I’m really skinny; that’s all anyone says about me & I have no friends.

  20.  by  Etavargga

    Yeah, feel better. I’m thin and have no friends. It didn’t help at all!

  21.  by  Jess

    [insert comment about how beautiful you are] Feel better?

  22.  by  Kelly

    I weigh 202 lbs. and I have more friends than I can count. Heavy ones, skinny ones, in-between ones. Friends don’t care what your tummy looks like. And P.S., I’d kill to have your body!!

  23.  by  jc87

    My true friends love me and i love them cause when we are hanging out everyone can act like a idiot, dance, sing, laugh, and joke around or even be serious and have a good heart to heart…the best advice that was ever given to me was “stop feeling sorry for yourself and make yourself happy” And trust me when I say i know how hard that can be. Im still working on it, I have days its hard to leave the house still but I try and remeber as corny as it sounds do your best to be positive and it shines through! ( PS Those curves are lookin just fine lol )

  24.  by  Sierra

    I WISH I looked like you! My goal IS to actually look like you.

  25.  by  The Good Girl

    You are skinny! So am i and i hate my body some days too. We are more than our bodies and faces. You wont have a lot of friends until you realise this.

  26.  by  Danny C

    yo girl you’re not fat at all I thnk you look great! lets me friends!

  27.  by  LGC

    This sounds like someone who just wants to be complimented. “You’re not fat”. Blah blah blah. That’s annoying and pathetic.

  28.  by  retrolou

    I’m happy to be with you on the skinny debate, but you’re beautiful.

    And most definitely nowhere near 341 pounds – you can’t be more than 117? Unless the photo and your thoughts are unrelated…

    Beauty is within, we might not believe it ourselves – but starving yourself makes you mor eugly to the outside world than being happy in your own skin.

  29.  by  michelle

    How is anyone meant to love you when you cant love yourself?

    Once you find love for yourself, you will also find that people cant get enough of you

  30.  by  Sue Bailey

    If that’s you in the photo you are not fat. Try to forget about yourself . You can do this by not buying magazines, all of which encourage self-doubt in women, eat well, exercise and meditate. Buy a pet and offer to do some charity work. Your thoughts will be directed outwards to others as you see how valuable you are, your self esteem will rise and you will make friends along the way.

  31.  by  Canuck

    I don’t see it either.. But body image for a female is so hard to overcome, way more than men. Having a great guy that will reprogram your grey matter and tell you OFTEN how great you look will help. As far as making friends, it just takes having some common interests.. I am a bit shy typically, so when I travel I force myself to meeting people by going alone. And I’ve made lots of friends that way. Cruise ships are good as well.. The travel dates means that you can spend some time getting to know the people on the cruise with you and after day 4 you pretty much know who you like and who you hate.. The last time I suggested with the group doing something a little more daring and breaking ship protocol ( we hopped a plane to watch an F1 race in Rio and met up with the ship 2 days later) It totally worked and the friends I made are all still in contact today.

  32.  by  T. Rain

    It has nothing to do with anything. I used to say if I was chubby i will have friends too. It’s all about loving yourself, have confidence in yourself. You’re perfect the way you are, God made you. If you don’t like the way you are, no body will. I used to hate myself being skinny. I decided I have enough of people telling me how I should be. Don’t listen to the media, or in my case my mom and my sisters making fun of me that I am breakable. When they gain weight they envy me. What the hell does that mean- it made me realized that skinny and chubby are beautiful. I use to tell myself someday I will change when I am married and give birth. My body will open and I will be chubby. You change like life, like the seasons, or your bank account (up or down). But it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny, short, chubby, tall. We are all beautiful! You don’t need to be skinny to have friends just love yourself, do something you love. Trust yourself and have confidence in yourself. People will be attracted to you. I have two friends now. It’s been so long. You can do it too. It won’t happen overnight but don’t give up. I am on my way to knowing myself. I have faith in you! Good luck! Love you for sharing, I never did!

  33.  by  Amy

    I get this. I’m agoraphobic and think along the same lines. It’s hard to be inside our heads x

  34.  by  Sean

    No, being skinny doesn’t get you friends. Deciding to get and value friends gets you friends

  35.  by  Laura

    Is there something scary about making friends? I am guilty of masking the a real fear with something that seems believable to keep me safe from dealing with it. I have had type 1 diabetes since I was four. Nobody would ever know or guess.. Nonetheless I am convinced that nobody would ever want or could ever be there through it all. I don’t ever think I’ll find out…. because I am too scared. That’s no way to live.

  36.  by  Tarantulady

    Friends who choose people based solely on their appearance are worthless as friends.

  37.  by  K

    I understand this completely. But I’ve come to learn that this is irrational. Friends don’t want to be your friend because of the way your body looks (and if they are, why would you want to be their friend anyway?!). They want to get to know the actual you. I’ve struggled with this my whole life. I was always thinking why would any guy want me? This was purely based on the way my body looks. Over time, I’ve come to like my body. I’ve also found a guy that loves me and loves my body as well. People are different. The friends you make will not care about your body. They will not care that if you are a bit overweight or vice versa. Don’t let these thoughts overcome you. Learn to love your body. Learn to cast off others judgement (also! most of the time when you feel people staring at you and critiquing you they really aren’t. they are thinking about themselves most of the time). Your life will become so much better. Maybe all what I’ve said is a bit cliche but I’ve come to learn that it is actually true.

  38.  by  wiseman

    I have many friends, both good friends and okay friends. I enjoy my time with my friends, probably more than they do. But all the time they are around I feel less satisfied with life. It is enjoyable but still unfulfilling.

    Involve yourself in good work like charity, spirituality and such things which make us more loving, compassionate and mentally strong. Do not expect more than the least, treat everyone equally.

    Time with saints (stories, movies) is more fulfilling than with friends who can not but be faulty.

    Remember the proverb:”Keep the tree green, singing bird will sure come”. life will be Beautiful when you keep the tree green regardless of the singing bird

  39.  by  kak

    If I told you that you have an attractive body, would you hold it against me?

  40.  by  kae

    i thought if i was skinny he would love me… he just didn’t love me

  41.  by  Becky

    I am skinny and I think big girls are sexy because they look more cuddly 🙂

  42.  by  carly

    Can people please stop being mean? She is not seeking attention. I am in recovery for a 6 year eating disorder. I never told anyone because I didn’t think I was skinny enough for anyone to believe me. As much as I looked at myself in the mirror I knew I wasn’t “fat” but always felt I could lose weight, and always thought my body looked disgusting. It pains me to see people being mean to girls who are self conscious of their bodies, this is why I never told anyone about my ED. Because I didn’t want people to think I just wanted to be told I wasn’t fat

  43.  by  Reneda Baer

    First, you are skinny. Second, if that’s what it takes for someone to be your friend, why would you want them for a friend??

  44.  by  Sam

    Your body is not the reason why you dont have friends. Low self esteem and shyness or awkwardness quite possibly but not because you are not skinny. The answer is not in the mirror, but the best person to change your life the way you want it, is.

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