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  1. He is an asshole for telling your sister that (if indeed he did…does your sister have reasons to make something like that up?). If he did say that, it is about him and HIS fears, not you. Fat has NOTHING to do with love. When we love someone, we are accepting them as they are…we are not trying to change them. Why would you want to change someone to be a reflection of you? You are loved. Let yourself believe it and learn to love yourself! Real love WILL happen for you.

  2. If I had a friend say that to my sister, I wouldn’t be friends with him anymore. No friend should be saying that behind your back. Just because you’re “fat” which I doubt it, it doesn’t mean you can’t be loved. He’s just an asshole that needs to look in the mirror at his flaws.

  3. Whether you are fat or not- eating just chicken salad is not the way to lose weight and keep it off. You could be 90lbs and as soon as you start eating something else (which you’ll have to do eventually) your body will store those calories because you put yourself into starvation mode. Learn better coping skills. If an offhand comment sends you into a ‘diet’ then you need to learn to deal. I guarantee much more difficult things are going to happen to you in this life and eating chicken salad (not the healthiest thing anyway) is not going to help that.

  4. Don’t listen to those people darling, beauty is within, hidden deep inside… One of my friends told me, there is no skinny in “beautiful”, however, there is a ‘ful… Let peoples standards be what they are, stand up and be proud of yourself, if you ask me confidence is far much more attractive than looks anyday.

  5. Please don’t listen to him or your sister. I am 22 and weigh 260. I’m married to an amazing man and he married me when I weighed more than I do now. Love doesn’t judge nor does it care if you have a few extra pounds. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. Take it from someone who lived on chicken and green beans for two years…nothing is harder than trying to bounce back after when you finally eat other foods again. And the longer you wait the harder it is. I’m finally on a well balanced diet that maintains a healthy weight and I so wish I hadn’t wasted so much time torturing myself. Life is just so much easier now! And really its not about the food. Its about finding a way to just be yourself and let go of the crap other people try to burden you with. Its their stuff, not yours. Stay strong beautiful!

  7. I am sorry you have people like this in your life. the best way to take revenge on this cruelty is for you to be happy and love yourself(not easy, but achievable and when you get there it’s amazing)

  8. There is a reason we are called BBWs (Big, Beautiful Women!)
    A lot of men are so narcissistic they will be with a woman ONLY if she has the same body-type he does. You don’t want to be with a NARCISSIST, do you? I hope not.
    You’re not too fat to be loved; you are too PRETTY to eat chicken salad every day for the rest of your life! Please eat a balanced diet; you are most-likely anemic of a great many vital nutrients since you took up eating only chicken salad. And, if you haven’t already, please find an enjoyable physical exercise that you love and REALLY GET INTO IT! Exercise will release endorphins in your brain, and it will force you to really “listen” to what your body is craving in terms of food. You will be so elated about WHO YOU ARE that you will kick your dumb-ass guy friend to the curb because he’s not kind enough to love, and THAT is a real reason for which someone does not deserve to be loved! YOU ARE AWESOME! Love yourself FIRST, and the world will love you, too. 🙂

  9. you need to remove the words “best” and “friend” from your association with that prick immediately. I’m sure writing this will make me sound like someone Grandma, but I don’t care: IF HE DOESN’T LIKE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE, HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! you need to DROP that idiot NOW.

  10. F*ck that guy.


    If someone wants to make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, they’re the person with the problem.

  11. Yeah, well, Marie, a lot of people try to make other people feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and the mean people are the loudest and the most long-winded!

  12. My mother told me the same thing when I was 16. I’m 61 now and thin, but a part of me still believes her. I hope you don’t let this sink into your soul the way it did in mine.

  13. I had a step-monster that told me every day for 8 years “You are fat and ugly and no one is ever going to love you!!” I believed it for a very long time, and I was trapped in my fat and depression. I still think about it, but I decided that I wouldn’t let that bastard dictate how my life would go!! I found a websight with a lot of loving support and a well balanced meal plan I can follow, and over the course of 4 years I have lost 117lbs!! You don’t have to eat just one thing and think it will make you thin. It’s about finding something you can follow and getting out and moving!! I still have a ways to go, but I know I can do it, and I have faith in you too!! So please reach out to me or someone else for support and take it one day at a time. I started out at 300+lbs and I’m here to tell you that eating just one thing over and over won’t work, I tried it too, only my thing was oatmeal and strawberries. Now I eat much much more!!! Love will find you, have faith in yourself!!
    Take Care honey, I really hope I hear from you!! :0)
    Tammy Dalton
    send me a message on Facebook

  14. He’s right. Being fat/obese is a choice related to conscious decisions and actions. WTF do fat people NOT get about this when they engage in “fat logic” about their “beetus”, diet cokes, copious amounts of bad food, their imagined problems with their Thyroid? Good god, it’s pathetic. LOSE THE LARD and stop washing with a rag on a stick.

  15. “BBW” is the oxymoronic term ever invented. There is nothing sexy, hot, beautiful or appealing about a fat slob woman. It’s disgusting. They smell bad. They are fat.

  16. Tom,
    What’s up with you? You may not be attracted to heavy women but the rage and disgust you’re presenting are NOT NORMAL. Were you abused by someone overweight? Or were you overweight as a child and ridiculed for it? If you aren’t attracted to heavy women that’s fine, but why do you hate them so? and let me assuage your fears: they’re probably not attracted to you either. I mean, is anybody? Are you married or do you have a girlfriend? My guess would be no.

  17. I want to say something angry or mean to Tom, because his comment was so mean and narrow minded. Instead I’ll say to the creator of this post card, I’m sorry you have low self esteem and think you are not good enough, because you ARE. Also, you could be a cretin like Tom. I’d rather be overweight than a judgmental ass.

  18. This could be my secret almost. Mine is that I have an eating disorder and I told my husband and my friends and they don’t care. So I don’t have a reason to quit. I’m down past my goal weight almost close to what I weighed before I ever had a kid. I still look in the mirror and I think I’m still fat. Maybe I won’t be satisfied till I’m 100 lbs or less. I’m 124 now. I don’t want to worry about food and weight every day. I feel so guilty eating one thing. I just want to be beautiful and have people like tom like me and my husband to love me again like he did before kids and before I got fat.

  19. @heather
    Sweetie, if you are having difficulties with your husband, it has nothing to do with your weight…at least it doesn’t if he really loved you before the kids. I am sure you have read this elsewhere, but kids are a HUGE strain on a relationship, no matter how close or “trouble free” it may have been before. Maybe if you could get some couples counseling, you and your husband can open up as to how you are feeling and find out what the REAL root causes of issues are. Good luck!!!

  20. I left a message very similar to this on another person’s post initially, but I really want to share this with you in case it helps.

    A lot of people on here are damn assholes. Don’t listen to them, listen to the supportive people. First off I’d just like to say that maybe your “friend” was just being an ass. You may be heavy, you may not be. It doesn’t matter though. You are a wonderful, strong, and beautiful person. And don’t be ashamed of your weight. I weigh 215 lbs and I’m ashamed and self conscious because I’m rather short and I think that I look fat. However I try to tell myself:

    1. That it can get better, even when it seems absolutely hopeless and depressing.
    2. Damn the lot of the them that judge people for their weight. They obviously don’t know you, your life, or your medical history, so they can bugger off! Besides, they don’t deserve to know you if they’re judging you for your weight!
    3. I try and tell myself “I AM beautiful, I AM attractive, and even better- I am a great person. I am.” Even if I don’t believe it, because it is true. Everyone is beautiful and awesome in their own way.

    And lastly, but not least I hope that it gets easier for you, and I hope that whatever you do in the future that you’re happy! And boy do I ever hope that you can start eating your favorite tasty foods again without worrying about what anyone says about you. To this day my favorite meal is seasoned steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and cooked veggies, and you can bet that I treat myself to it every once in a while. Oh and ice cream too. 🙂

  21. He just said that because his dick is so tiny, he needs an anorexic, stick-thin-kate-moss looking model girlfriend so they’ll even feel it inside.

    Ditch the “best friend”, he’s an asshole.

  22. Get a new friend. Seriously for real please. I had a lifelong friend. He used to say shit like that sometimes. We don’t talk anymore because I finally had enough rude shit- I got him a job and he shit all over it, quit with no notice not even to me, and then didn’t talk to me for two months until he asked if he had left something at work. Anyway the point is no matter how important you think he may be he’s not worth it. I still miss my friend in a way but I don’t miss his awful personality.

  23. Tom leykis no matter how many hot ass women you fuck you will still die alone, even if someone is physically there, and you know it or you wouldn’t say such nasty things.

  24. Self image is so important. The only thing you need to do is love your self so that you cant let others love you. That guy sounds like an egotistical asshole. DO NOT listen to him, truly who defines beauty anyway??

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