I’m nicer and prettier than many of the girls around me.

I'm nicer and prettier than many of the girls around me.

I’m nicer and prettier than many of the girls around me. Thinner, too.

So how is it easy for them to get guys. While I always feel so unwanted?

What’s so wrong with me?

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  1. It’s possible to know that you’re thinner and prettier than people without being arrogant or a bitch about it. Sometimes, it’s simply a fact of existence. You look at what’s in the media (frankly, you can’t avoid it). You have a mirror, and you have others around you. Knowing that you’re thinner is a fact. Knowing you’re prettier is subjective, but a reliable fact based on media benchmarks.

    Frankly, knowing these things can wind up being more confusing than being more normal. When you’re pretty, people treat you differently. Because of the media, they EXPECT you to be a bitch and to be arrogant. When you’re not, they assume you’re artificial and shallow. To note, I’m NOT pretty or thin, but what I am is a high school teacher, and I see this same scenario played out in every grade in every year. I wind up pointing out to my students that beauty can be more of a curse than a blessing. It offers you mostly unwanted attention by shallow guys — the ones who, when you refuse them, no matter how nice you are about it, call you a whore. Because you CAN get the douchebag bros with muscles and cars, the guys who may actually like who you are inside generally assume you won’t want them and friendzone themselves.

    The OP sounds legitimately confused by her circumstances, not like she’s trying to brag. It sounds like she’s honestly trying to figure out what the problem is. If she were bragging or fishing for compliments, the postcard would be a photo of her with the face scratched out or something — she’d want us to see her physical form. She didn’t do that — which leads me to believe she wants us to see HER, through her words.

  2. Your perception of your manner and demeanor may come off as very different to other people. You might seem like you are trying to hard possibly? You could be a bit arrogant about your looks, or maybe not. We wouldn’t know without knowing you. My guess is your self-perception of your demeanor toward others is inaccurate.

  3. Try focusing less on outer beauty and more on inner beauty. I feel confident things will shift for you. Peace, Love, and Sunshine.

  4. I understand…for some reason, you lack confidence. I know this because I feel the same way…I also have a problem standing up for myself because I want to be nice…it is interpreted to others as being weak, and many feel comfortable walking all over me or over looking me. I think you have the same problem. I also think many girls get jealous when someone is around that is better looking so they ignore you..you in turn feel ignored, which doesn’t help that confidence thing I was talking about, and many guys feel you are out of their league, so they don’t bother…my husband knew me long before I knew him..he told me he never thought he’d have a chance with me, so he never tried to pursue me or strike up a conversation. He made the assumption I must be a bitch that he couldn’t get to know…I met him while working in a store and that’s when he realized I was kind, so he initiated a date after being my customer for some time…Don’t listen to these people who want to insinuate you are arrogant when that is far from the truth..I know how this works…..Good luck.

  5. Thats a good question there are many angles to come at for this question, I don’t know you but just chill men like women who can chill and have a conversation about something other than here looks, looking great is great and all so very threatening to most men, I hope that I helped Amy

  6. My dear, you may just be giving off “leave me alone” or “not interested” vibes. We do that so the many dumbass guys don’t bug us. Really, we just freeze them all out so we can have a normal life, and after awhile you don’t even know you’re doing it. So maybe change your vibe to “available and approachable.”

    A friend of mine who could get any guy she wanted (really, skinny little redhead with bad skin) swore all she had to do was wink at a guy. I was too shy to try that one!

    Stand up straight. Be conscious of your attractiveness. Add a spritz of sashay to that walk. Look the guy right in the eye and smile; lean forward a bit to indicate interest (but not enough to display a bunch of cleavage); touch his shoulder or elbow during conversation (as you make a point or laugh at a joke) or just as you walk past (oh excuse me, let me slip by here); sit or stand just a little closer. Good luck!

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