11 thoughts on “I wish I was a pin up model.”

  1. Please try to be easier on yourself. Whatever is making you afraid to let anyone see is most likely something only you are concerned about. It doesn’t take this or that physical attribute to be beautiful. It is the package and that usually includes the inner glow of being a good person.

  2. You are not the only one. I am also afraid to show my body I feel a bit self-conscious about it too. when I see other girls that are much prettier than me it kinda stings terribly because I am not ugly but It is not the fact that someone else being prettier than me affects me it is that I let it get to me by not loving myself as much as i should. you should really love yourself persoanlity takes you far trust me!

  3. I have a friend who takes these type of photos. He makes everyone look beautiful. Try it you might be surprised how beautiful someone can capture you so that you see it too.

  4. To XOXO, is there any way I can get in contact with your friend, without you having to reveal your identity? I totally want to do a boudoir photo shoot for my sweetie, but I’m too nervous about stripping to my lacy underthings for a camera manned by anyone with whom I’ve had previous photographic experience because my family and I have had group portraits taken of us, and I really don’t want people who know my parents or siblings having anything to report next time they see my folks. If you could send me a link to their website or their Facebook handle or something, that would be so appreciated. Thanks ahead of time! 🙂

  5. Just wear something low cut or tight to work. Believe me you’ll feel like a pinup model

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  7. Your body is just an image a representation of waves of energy, all we all are waves of energy, so rather than not allow others to see your frequency, share, share share it all energy and energy is well just energy. Amy

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